Thursday, March 30, 2017

2017.3.27 Got a flat, a new companion, and some rain!

What's up guys?

It's been a busy but good week! A lot of our time was spent figuring out stuff for transfers which cut down on our dendō time so that was fun. From creating and sending travel plans to making sure everyone got to where they were supposed to be, we have been on the phone a lot. However, I am pleased to say that there were no big mishaps that caused confusion and delay (#thomasthetankengine) so I'm happy!

After all of our emailing, grocery shopping, having fun and stuff on Monday, we went to the church to figure out all travel plans for the people coming into our zone. Everyone who is leaving our zone gets travel Plans from their new zone leaders, not us. There were six new missionaries coming into our zone. And when I say new, I don't mean first-transfer missionaries, I just mean missionaries who were coming from a different zone. So we made six travel plans and two of them traveled most of their journey together which made things easier for us. There were three apartments in our zone that housed more than one companionship last transfer. But this transfer two of them became just one companionship housing. What that means is that our zone shrank by about four missionaries. Which is fine, it just means the Lord needs more missionaries in a different area in a different zone. 

Tuesday we made all the calls and answered questions of how everything will work. We tried to contact a few potential investigators but none of them were home. No worries, we will catch them another time!

Thursday was the actual day of transfers. My companion woke up at 5:30 to make sure everything was ready to go. We left around 7:30 and went our separate ways once we hit the 十三駅 (Juso Eki). Then I went to 岡町駅 (Okamachi Eki) and waited with Jensen Chōrō until both of our companions came in. It was about 11:15 when Jensen Chōrō's companion came in. His name is Nash Chōrō and I knew him from when I was in the Kobe Zone. We waited for another hour or so until my companion, Keenan Chōrō, finally arrived. We took a small break because he was tired from lugging his bike and suitcase around. After that we travelled to the apartment, had lunch, and then planned for the week. While planning one of our members called and asked if we had any plans that night. We didn't so he set up a dinner appointment for us. We went out to 焼鳥 (yakitori). It was way good! And so nice of them. 

We had a meal appointment set up with one of our ward members on Saturday. It was the first time I had really met this member because she has been attending the other ward that uses the same church building as us. Because of certain things she isn't attending the correct ward. She knows, I just don't know all the reasons so, yeah. But she is a COOK! I may or may not have explained that ovens are NOT a thing in Japan. Toaster ovens are normal, but the full-sized, American style ovens do not exist here. You can maybe get one half the size of a normal oven for 100 dollars. But she has one of those half-sized things and she is a beast! She made lasagna, mashed potatoes, and this crispy chicken stuff that was SO GOOD! She also made this killer chocolate cake and a strawberry-mousse cake that was heavenly. Loved every bite. And to top it off, she had root beer! Then we shared a lesson focused on The Book of Mormon for her son who isn't a member (yet). 

So, let me tell you a little bit about my new companion, Elder Keenan. He is from St. George, Utah. He is 20 and will be returning home in June. He played American football and soccer. He loves to beatbox and is pretty good at doing silly voices. :) 

So, yeah, my tire got punctured. They repaired it for under ten dollars but said that because the back tire has worn thin it will be easy to pop again. Another expense. Yay! Also, my bike light committed suicide so that's another thing to buy.

It also rained cats, dogs on our way home from church. It was clear on the way over, but then it got cloudy while we were at church. So by the time we got home we were soaked through and through. Way fun!

I wanna make a plug for General Conference coming up. General Conference is BOSS! I think a lot of you will get it this weekend, not sure. But we get it a week delayed because translation stuff. I'm WAY STOKED! To hear the words of Christ's prophets and apostles is a blessing! We can know for ourselves that God is working among the children of men according to their faith when we hear the words of the prophets. So, let's strengthen our faith! I would like to invite everyone to watch it. I sure will.

Anyways, that's all I got. It's been way fun to get to know Keenan Chōrō. It's gonna be quite a transfer. #dendoisbest 愛しているよ!


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