Sunday, June 12, 2016

2016.6.12 The bike-riding crazies in Sumoto!

This week went by way fast. I'll hit the highlights.

On Monday I talked with my companion about the struggles with sleeping in we had been having. He said he didn't like it either. It was a good talk, no hard feelings. Since then we have fixed the problem which is a big relief.

On Tuesday we decided to bike to the north end of Awaji island (the name by which Nihonjin know our area). It ended up taking around an hour and a half. Not bad, although we were going at a faster pace. We were able to teach a few lessons along the way. We found a restaurant called "America". I think it's funny you guys ate at "Nagoya" while I ate at "America" XD We had pancakes with ice cream which was good. On our way back to Sumoto, Hancock Chōrō's leg was giving him grief due to some medical problems he had before he mission. Nothing serious, but it slowed us down on the way home. We met a man on the way home who had actually met the missionaries before and was interested to meet again. We taught him the Restoration and about God being our Heavenly Father. It was very good and we will try to meet him again. Once we got to the apartment we were dead tired.

We decided that we wanted to try biking part of the way to zone training meeting on Friday morning. We woke up at 4:15 and set out around 4:30. We got most of the way by 6:30. We took a bus the rest of he way. We changed in downtown Kobe and got to the mission home about 45 minutes early. We figured that this would help us save money and train for the Awaji island bike ride. However, we left our bikes at the north end and we haven't gotten them back yet...if we want to continue doing that we will have to be faster and figure out logistics.

Anyway, zone training meeting was good. We talked about what we can do to baptize more converts. A big part of that is our goal to teach 20 lessons a week. The more we teach the more we can invite people to be baptized. Now we are working to increase the quality of our lessons. And then we will see what we can do with baptismal invitations. We are happiest when we teach and baptize.

After the meeting we had exchanges in Kakogawa. I was with the district leader and we talked about what we need to change about our dendo to baptize more. We were able to teach a few lessons along the way. We also met a way solid less-active member. Right now she is studying English so that she can attend university in Canada where her husband is right now. It was a way good lesson where we explained what happens at church, since she doesn't remember a lot about church. After that we headed back to the elder's apartment to end our day.

We got up early to get the ride back to Sumoto on Saturday. A member called us to invite us to a BBQ he was having with a bunch of his friends on he beach. That started around 12:30 and it was way fun. They were all Philippino and they had sooooooooooo much food. It was sunny and we had fun playing volleyball and catch. There were a few girls hitting on us which was a little uncomfortable for me and Hancock Chōrō. But they didn't try to do anything which was a big relief. We were able to teach a few lessons there which was great! After that we headed to the church for branch presidency meeting. I'm not gonna lie, I was having a really hard time focusing XD After that we headed home and fell deep into a scrumptious slumber.

Sunday was pretty good. It was rainy, albeit warm (that's basically how the rain will be from now until winter). I taught Priesthood, lesson 12 from Howard W. Hunter which is about helping less-actives come back to church. The parable of the lost sheep is very important here. Luke 15: 4-7. Also, showing the love we have for them is paramount. Christ always had love as His motivating factor. H never did anything without love. We would do very well to follow His example. After church we went to visit a less-active family. The mother is way busy and isn't really making time for church. She is a good woman. The couple missionaries talked about my lesson from Priesthood. I tell ya, teaching classes in Japanese makes teaching in English seem so much simpler.

Today we are going to get groceries, Hancock Chōrō will get a haircut, and then get lunch at Sukiya. King-size cheese gyuudon come to papa!!! After that we will relax a bit. We are planning on meeting a member later on. It's been rainy for the past couple of days. We are loving it here!

I love hearing from you guys each week. Keep the emails coming! I'm excited for all of you, have fun this summer! Please read "I Am a Child of God" by Elder Hallstrom from this past General Conference. It's way good. Fight the good fight and never give up! あいしてるよ!

Elder Peacock
Panorama in Sumoto

Thursday, June 9, 2016

2016.6.6 New companion in Sumoto!

To start I will tell you about my new companion. Hancock Chōrō is his name. He transferred from our next-door neighbor area, Tokushima. He was in the MTC at the same time as Vui Chōrō so they know each other. His Japanese is off the wall! It is sooooooooo good. His accent is probably the most impressive part. He flippn' sounds Nihonjin! He is laid back and wants to work hard. I have enjoyed the beginning of our companionship.

Yamamoto Chōrō went to Takatsuki, Vui Chōrō's former area before Matsue. And he became district leader (again) which he will have fun with. Yamamoto Chōrō actually trained Hancock Chōrō for one transfer as a part of a threesome. So Yamamoto Chōrō and Hancock Chōrō have a very good relationship.

This week has been interesting. We got the transfer call after Eikaiwa. Wednesday was just getting everything ready for Yamamoto Chōrō to transfer. Then we went to another area Wednesday night to make Thursday transfer travel easier for logistics. Hancock Chōrō came in around 11:00, but we had to wait with the district leader for his new companion. That lasted until 3:00, after which we headed back to Sumoto. We met these two nine-year-old girls who talked to us because they thought we were cute. Freaking your nine little girls, what the heck XD We talked with them a little about Christ since one of them knew a little about Him. It definitely didn't count as a lesson though. When we got to the apartment we dropped everything off and then did weekly planning.

Friday consisted of a LOT of walking because Hancock Chōrō's bike hasn't come yet. We walked about 20 kilometers that day. We got a little red from the sun too :) We visited some members and investigators to introduce Hancock Chōrō. We taught lessons along the way. We stopped at a grocery store to find sustenance and sunburn relief. We ended up buying this small can of 16 dollar water. It says thermal water, and apparently it is from France. But I swear it is just water. So that happened XD By the time we got home we were so worn out from the sun and the walking. We slept very well that night.

We have been eating the treats you guys sent in the package. I love that Sierra used the pictures I took of her, I'm glad she liked them. I still cannot believe she is graduating!!!

We tried to find a few potential investigators in downtown Sumoto. And as we did so we ended up teaching quite a few lessons on the street so that was good. We met a family whose father actually knew the missionaries in Osaka way back when. But those missionaries didn't teach him any lessons, they only played basketball with him. Then we had branch presidency meeting. After that we went home.

Sunday was very rainy, although mild. There were very few people at church that day. But it was still good. After church we tried to visit a family, but we knocked on the wrong door and ran into a different family. We taught them about prayer and they seemed receptive so hopefully we can meet them again. Then we went to the right door and met the right family. They have been busy with work so they haven't been able to come recently. But we talked about the young man preparing for a mission so that was good. After that we went home to break our fast. After that we stayed in the apartment because of some things that had to be talked about. Nothing bad in our companionship, nothing like that. It's just some outside things going on that needed some time to be discussed. So we ended up staying in the apartment the rest of the day.

Today we studied, cleaned, and are emailing now. I sent another package your way of goodies. It will probably be a while until I send another package your way so enjoy this one. After this we will go shopping. We are also going to McDonalds so that I can try a BoomChakaLaka, which is a Bic Mac with two giant pieces of chicken put in it. I'll send pictures and a video later XD The weather has been pretty good today, sunny with clouds. It is definitely warming up in Japan. Soon we will be in full-fledged summer. Oh boy.

So yeah, that is the week on a nutshell. Transfers were a big part of it. I am really looking forward to my time with Hancock Chōrō. He is ready to press forward and get work done. We have talked a lot about personal conversion. And for missionary work, as with any stage of life, our personal conversion to the Lord, Jesus Christ, is paramount. We must be truly converted. But it won't happen overnight so we have to be patient with ourselves as we rely on God.

Fight the good fight and never give up! あいしてるよ!

Elder Peacock

2016.5.29 Giant parfaits, transfers, and travels


Its been a grand week over in this corner of the Lord's vineyard. The weather is heating up, and so is the work. We are doing our best to bring everyone to the knowledge of our savior and redeemer, Jesus Christ. Does everyone listen, no; but will that stop us, also no! We will fight the good fight and never give up :)

After we emailed on Monday we did our grocery shopping then headed to the mall for a giant parfait. You will see the pictures, but it was way good! After that scrumptious mixture of fruit, ice cream, cornflakes and pancakes we headed to one of our investigators to help her teach her English class. However, when she opened the door one could tell immediately that she was under the weather. The allergies got to her, poor thing. And English class was not held so yeah, we will meet her another time this week. So with the remaining time we had we went to a less-active/part-member-family household. They were outside working when we got there so we helped them finish up their stuff. Afterwards we discussed transfers and how to help them with their farming. We are going to try to plan when to help for the next month, hopefully. They have a lot to do and they certainly appreciate our help. So after that we headed home and ended our day.

After lunch on Tuesday we went to the church to practice for a concert we will be taking part in on Saturday. I will be playing The Spirit of God on the piano and will sing A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief a cappella. I might play a second song on the piano from Studio Ghibli's Castle in the Sky, but I'm not quite sure about that one. It should be good. After our practice we went to the senior center. We were coloring pictures and the old man next to me asked me to sign his picture. As in, he wanted me to write my name in English and date it...on his picture. I was like, "um...ok". Then he tried to give me money for it. Like, the heck? What a silly old man. He was walking out the door when we were done and he came over just to shake my hand. It was funny XD After that we visited our shigansha. We taught him the principle of obedience. As we obey we will be blessed. And as we follow Jesus Christ we will want to obey Him more. He is still struggling though. After him we tried to visit an investigator but they weren't home. So we got ready for Eikaiwa. We talked about directions. Yay. I taught them the "Never Eat Soggy Waffles" thing for north, east, south, west. Fun stuff. English class is something I always look forward to so no matter what the subject is it is fun. After Eikaiwa we headed home and sacked out.

Wednesday said "hello" with clouds. No worries, I'm from Oregon. We were about to head out the door when I got a bloody nose so we stayed until it stopped. That was my first bloody nose since entering the field. After that we went to the church for a lesson with one of our progressing investigators. We had the couple missionaries with us for the lesson and hey helped us teach The Restoration. It was a good lesson and she understood most of it. After the lesson we invited her to be baptized on July 16th. She said that she wants to learn more before she makes a decision, but she definitely wasn't opposed. Then we went to do service at the day care center. Every time we go to the day care center I think about the anime, KOBATO. The main character helps at a day care center. There weren't as many kids this time which was great and we ended up getting done early so we headed to the church for game night. No one came, again, so we practiced for the concert. Then we headed home and ended our day. I fell asleep to the sound of rain. As I closed my eyes I imagined myself in Oregon.

On Thursday we did our weekly planning. Then we visited one of the members and studied The Book of Mormon with her. By the time we finished our study rain was coming down thick and we didn't have our rain gear, and Yamamoto Chōrō needed rest, so we ended going back to the apartment for the rest of the day.

On Friday we went to district meeting and talked about the authority and power of our calling. I know I forget it all the time, the fact that we have been called by God, through a living prophet, to represent our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to bring others unto this glorious light we have. After the meeting we went with the district leaders and had a extra long exchange because of how much traveling we were doing that weekend.

We had another day of exchanges on Saturday and we also had our music night in their ward. It was a good turnout, better than I thought there was going to be. I sang A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief, and played The Spirit of God on the piano with my own little twist in the chords. It was fun. After that we went to Akashi to spend the night with the elders there so we wouldn't have as long to travel Sunday morning.

We woke up and set out to travel back to Sumoto for church on Sunday morning. We were surprised to have seven less-actives come to church. I have no idea why they decided to come, I didn't get time to talk with them, but it was awesome! We had 26 members there and it was awesome!!! After church we all ate lunch in the church building. Then we headed back to Kobe with the couple missionaries and the branch president for priesthood meetings. We got done with those at 6:00 and then headed back home to finally hit the hay.

So, my district leader told me that writing emails throughout the week is actually against the rules. I understand why it would be OK to write throughout the week, and why it would not be ok. But the thing is that I have had multiple missionaries tell me different things on this rule. So I am going to ask Welch Kaicho in my email to him. I need to get that cleared up because I want to be obedient.

Today has been rainy, as was yesterday. However, it is also quite warm so that's kind of nice. After emailing we will go shopping and then head home to relax. Today is the beginning of my fifth transfer! I can't believe I just went through another transfer. Freak out! We will see what this transfer brings, but I am excited for anything and everything. Keep me in your prayers! Love y'all!

Fight the good fight and never give up! あいしてるよ!

Elder Peacock

2015.5.22 Hello Week 32!

Man does time fly by!

This week has been pretty eventful. Unfortunately we were out of our area for a few days, but it could have been worse. Between meetings in Kobe and my companion's wisdom teeth problems it has been a good week :)

After emailing on Monday we had a lunch appointment with a member. He usually works all week but he had some time open up so he offered to take us out. We went to Sukiya and got some good gyuudon. We followed up on his work on the area plan was going. He said that work has been taking up too much time for him to allot any thought or effort to the area plan. I understand that, and I know he wants to work on the plan. He is doing his best. Sometimes that is all we can do. When we got back to the church building we walked to our bikes and found them tipped over. The weather was very windy so it wasn't like anyone was a punk by tipping over my bike. However, someone might have been a punk if they stole my helmet. Yep, either the wind took it away, or someone else did. Either way, this meant walking back to the apartment to get the spare helmet then returning to the church building to get the bikes. On the way to the apartment we stopped at the dentist to get Yamamoto Chōrō's teeth checked out. Turns out it was a wisdom tooth problem. They had us make a return appointment for Tuesday before we left. After that I got my haircut so I look sharp for Elder Stevenson when he comes on Sunday. By the way, we were informed that if we are not inside the building, sitting down in the chapel by 2:30 that we will be turned away and told to return to our area. The soonest bus from Sumoto that Sunday leaves at 12:30 which means we will get to the train station closest to the mission home around2:20. And it's about a ten minute walk from the station to the mission home so we are definitely going to be running like nobody's business! It would be such a bummer if we miss it. Anyways. After our preparation time we had planned to have home teaching with a couple of elderly members. But by this time the weather was not nice at all so the members canceled on us. The weather was really bad so we decided to let Yamamoto Chōrō rest a bit and we studied the rest of the night. I studied prayer because we are going to be teaching prayer to a progressing investigator this week. In my study I think I found something that has been part of a theme in my life. It is hard for me to imagine God as my personal father. The same for Jesus Christ as my elder brother. But it's true. I understand the principle and I believe it is true. But having that kind of relationship is something I struggle with. In the Bible Dictionary, under Prayer, you will find words to the effect of saying that if, and when, we realize our true relationship toward God (as our father and us as his children) then all the "difficulties" of prayer are erased. It becomes something we want to do, it will become natural. This is what hit home to me. I want to at least have the kind of relationship I have with my earthly father with my Heavenly Father.

Tuesday began with us getting our groceries because we didn't have time on Preparation Day. We also got a new pot and whisk because the ones in the apartment broke. Then we went to the senior center for service. Talking with old people is difficult, especially when your someone like me who is barely getting by with speaking and understanding Japanese. But it's great, the old generation is a funny bunch :) After that we went to the dentist for the return appointment. I was expecting to be there for an hour or two considering the fact that they were doing work on wisdom teeth. But, to my great astonishment, Yamamoto Chōrō was in and out in ten minutes! It was a welcome surprise because that meant we could get more done that day. So, after the dentist we visited a couple of investigators, but none of them were home. When the time came we we not to the church to get ready for English Class. For Eikaiwa we usually bring snacks and some drink for afterwards. This time around we got raspberry Kit Kats! They were super good. The lesson for Eikaiwa was on time so, as you will see in the pictures I send, I was not able to resist and talked for just a few minutes about Dr. Who XD Now, trying to explain Dr. Who to an English speaker is hard enough. I remember when my friends tried to describe it to me and I was like, "what". So now I was trying to describe it to Japanese people who could barely speak English. Oh boy, it was fun. But, one of them was looking it up for the rest of class and asked me questions about it throughout he lesson. YUS, mission accomplished. After Eikaiwa we headed home. So we have follow-ups on Tuesday night which means our district leader has us call him around 9:30 just to talk about concerns, questions, problems we are facing in our areas, etc. I'm not going to go into details of what we talked about but I will say that it was a good follow up. It helped me prepare for the next day. The main thing I took away from the follow up was to keep going, keep doing your best, and keep loving the people. It's not like I have been having a hard time with any of those things, it's just the way my district leader put it across helped me reenergize a bit.

Wednesday was a beautiful, sunny day. So was Tuesday, I forgot to say that. It was pleasantly warm. We started by going to our shigansha. We wanted to talk to him about the Atonement of Christ and repentance. And we also ended up asking him questions about various things that we had been wondering. It felt like a good lesson, a little better than usual anyway. After him we went to visit a few investigators but they were all busy at the time. We then went to the day care for service. Those kids were on drugs or something because both Yamamoto Chōrō and I were getting trampled. They are cute and all, but some of them were bouncing off of the walls! It was fun and the time went by really fast which was nice. After that we went to our apartment for dinner before game night. On the way to the church building to set up for game night we passed a less-active member's house. This less-active is right next to our apartment so we always pass them when we go out or return. Anyway, when we passed we saw that the senior missionaries were outside the front door with the less-active mother. It looked like it was going fine, we stop to talk because they were in the middle of talking, but it was great to see them! We got to the church, set up the ping pong table, played for a bit, and practiced music. We did his for about an hour when the senior missionaries came in. They told us about the visit with the less-active mother. Apparently it went really well and the mother wants them to visit again. That was great news! Then the senior missionaries took us out to eat. I had katsudon on rice, needless to say it was heavenly. After that we headed home and ended our day.

Thursday was a good day. Not really for a particular reason, it was just a good day. Well, actually, it was a good day because I say it was a good day. Because I said so. Boom! Anyway... After lunch we did a little bit of our weekly planning session. The main thing to figure out was all of he logistics of our weekend of meetings in Kobe. We had a Zone Conference on Friday, then some stake leadership training on Saturday, then the Elder Stevenson conference on Sunday. We decided that we were going to spend the night at the Office Elder's apartment Friday night. Then we would return to Sumoto after the stake leadership training meeting. We also decided that we would only have sacrament meeting and Sunday school on the Sabbath so that we can make sure we catch the bus for the Elder Stevenson conference. The branch president was out of town on Sunday so we were the only ones with keys to the church to lock up afterwards. And if we gave the keys to a member we wouldn't be certain of when we would get them back. So, yeah, those were the logistics we figured out. Hopefully all will go well (pray hard and cross your fingers). After all of that wonderful planning we headed to a member's home to study with her. She also fe us lots of bread and crackers and hot chocolate which was great. We read a little of Elder Dallin H. Oaks talk Opposition in All Things from the April 2016 General Conference. And that's what our study was based off of. God gives us opposition so we can learn and grow. If you read the story of Job from the bible you will see how God tested him. Many of us do not face all of those challenges at one time. But to some degree we face them. And by follow Job's example we can stick through the hard times. No matter how hard it gets, never give up or give in or give out; keep your head in the fight. After that appointment we went to an investigator's home. We gave her the talk Why the Church by Elder D. Todd Christofferson. We also talked with her about other stuff too. We played with their kids for a little bit, helped teach English, then headed home to end our day. So yeah, it was a good day because I said so.

On Friday we woke up at 5:30 to catch the 7:00 bus to Kobe for Zone Conference. In the first half of conference we just talked about the Atonement of Christ. We focused heavily on Lehi's vision of the tree of life. Needless to say my mind was blown. Everything in that dream, as in this world, is a physical manifestation of eternal principles; namely the reality of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. Like Sierra in seminary, "my mind was blown" XD After Zone Conference me and my companion did a little dendo in Kobe since we were spending the night in the Kobe Elder's apartment. We came back and had a party of rice and lamb meat that Yamamoto Chōrō's parents sent him. Yes, very good.

On Saturday Yamamoto Chōrō had his stake meetings and I tried to understand what was going on. Nope, no idea what they were talking about. So yeah, no notes were taken XD We hoped the 5:05 bus back to Sumoto and got back around 6:40. We had home teaching at the church building with the branch president's family. They brought us Costco pizza!!!!!  We shared a message about choices. We always need to follow our Savior's example whenever we make choices. It is super important. Then we came home and sacked out.

Sunday was the big day. We left for Kobe right after sacrament meeting on the 11:00 bus. We made it there around 12:50. I saw lots of friends there including Raker Chōrō, Welch Chōrō, Hamilton Shimai, Grifitts Chōrō, etc. It was great! Stevenson Chōrō got there around 3:00and we began. To sum it up, he talked about a lot of different stuff. He told us to pick spouses like President and Sister Welch, to always promise blessings and testify, and to increase sacrament meeting attendance. It was awesome! We got done around 4:30 and headed out with the Kobe Stake President and the Akashi Elders. We had dinner with the Stake President which was cool. So much pizza. And then we talked about love and charity. Then they drove us to the Akashi Elder's apartment.

We spent part of today with the Akashi Elders. We went to a really good takoyaki shop where I literally had 16 takoyaki balls. So good!!! Then we came back to Sumoto and now I am emailing you guys. It's been a very busy week and this week will be the same. And no, we weren't able to do the bike trip today because we were in Akashi this morning. We will try to do it next Monday.  After this email we will go shopping and probably try to get a nap in. It's been sunny, warm weather all week long!

I love you guys so much. Please keep praying for me as I am praying for you. Fight the good fight and never give up! あいしてるよ❗️


Elder Peacock

2016.5.15 Happy late Mother's Day!

[This was originally received on May 15th.]

To start off I just want to apologize because I didn't say "happy Mother's Day" during FaceTime or email. I am so sorry! Please forgive me Mom! And happy late Mother's Day! XD

Next I wanted to make sure to tell you that we have changed our biking plans to next week. The weather took a sudden, cloudy, rainy turn so we will do it next week after the Elder Stevenson conference.  So, I want to do this email a little differently. Since I haven't been able to write very much during the week, and trying to remember stuff is very difficult, I'm just going to go over the highlights of the week and then share a few more details about stuff here in Japan. We will see how it goes.

So we had companion exchanges on Thursday. We got up and left on the bus right around 8:00 am. We got to the Kogogawa Elder's apartment right at 10:00, just in time for companionship study. My goals for the exchange were to work on finding in the streets. We also met with an investigator and tried to visit a few potential investigators, but that didn't work out very well. He investigator we met with is an eternal investigator so she knows the missionaries very well. She likes the missionaries so she always buys them a ton of food. So when we left we had two things of juice, three big bags of doughnuts, and a couple boxes of ice cream. It was awesome! While we visited her we sang I Am a Child of God while Yamamoto Chōrō played the violin. She loved it, it was great. After that we had dinner and ended our day.

While I was with the district leader for the exchange we talked a lot, and I mean a lot, about this book he wants to write. He hasn't started writing it yet, but he has plans to publish after his mission. It is a very detailed, complex, fun, and crazy story that I won't go into detail to describe but it will fill many books. Anyway, I was talking to him about the ability, or gift, of making stories. I could tell by the way he was talking about his characters that he valued them as real people in a real world. This is something I really enjoyed hearing him express as he told me this story. I commented that I do not have the gift of writing stories but that I would like to develop that ability and become a published author as well. It's  just a small thing on my life list. He then proceeded to tell me something that I had never heard before and that gave me something to ponder. He said, "for me, there are many different stories I have in my head. But the thing I think about when I begin any story is that a perfect story starts with imperfect people." That sent me off pondering.

All of us are imperfect people. All of us have our own stories. When we were young we didn't know very much and we were trying to find out who we were. I mean, we are always learning about ourselves, but you know what I mean. As we grew we made mistakes, small or big. For me, I made plenty, and I will continue to do so. I have a family who loves me no matter what and that is a big reason why I am the person I am right now. We all have glorious and infinite potential. Our stories are grand and elaborate. Even if a life seems ordinary, it really is a masterful work of art. It is amazing to me that this is the case despite all of our imperfections and setbacks, all of our faults and failures, everything that makes us human and imperfect, we are still loved perfectly. We have a loving God and a loving Savior who want us to succeed. They want our lives to be beautiful adventures. They want us to have a grand story even though They know we are very, very, very imperfect people.
This has been on my mind since the exchange and I felt impressed to share it in this email.

Over the past few days my companion, Yamamoto Chōrō, has been having some tooth pain on his upper row on the right side. It hurts when he eats and when he opens his mouth more than a couple of inches. And there is a constant, dull pain. We are going to get it checked out today. Hopefully it isn't anything big enough to send him home, we think it should be fine (cross your fingers). Other than that we are grocery shopping, getting haircuts (again for the Elder Stevenson conference), and emailing. I can't believe it's Preparation Day again. I can't believe a week ago I was Skyping you guys. I can't wait until Christmas Skype.

So our investigator with a baptismal date hasn't been coming to church so we have moved the date of his baptism. He wants to become better, but he is just struggling. So we won't be having his baptism this month.

We have a few other investigators who definitely have the potential. We are working with each of them to prepare them for baptism. It's a long road, and I may not see them receive baptism, but it's worth it!  I am excited to get all y'all emails this week. I love reading each one of them! Fight the good fight and never give up! あいしてるよ!

Elder Peacock

Alma 37:36-37 is super good. Read it please!