Monday, March 6, 2017

2017.2.26 Week 71


Oh man, it's been a good week here in Senri. I think it's a
combination of the sunny, warmer weather, the new investigators we are
finding, and the missionaries I'm working with. It's definitely been a
miracle-filled week. In fact, you could say it was, wonder-filled

So, yeah, I think Japan is trying to trick me into thinking that
spring is coming faster than it is. We have had several days (although
not in a row) of sun in the 50s. We actually had an exchange with the
Assistants on Tuesday and while we were there it was even warmer. Once
we returned to Senri we could tell it got colder. It's funny because
it was snowing Tuesday morning on our way to the exchange. Japan
weather is great!

Speaking of exchanges: we had one with the Assistants and one with a
District Leader in our zone. I found Kobe's Chinatown! And we found a
way nice mother who is way open to the gospel so that got me way
pumped! And I learned that dendoing in a shopping avenue chock-full of
people is definitely what I am not used to so I need to practice that

I've gotten better at working out this week. It's something that I
haven't been all that good at lately. But I've gotten so much better
this past week. And eating a little better. I'm trying to follow the
Word of Wisdom more in my diet. Fun stuff! #promisesofthelordawait

We've been making good progress on cleaning/organizing the apartment.
Especially since it's a new apartment building we want to do our part
to live in a clean place. I'm definitely attacking (cleaning) stuff in
my room when I get home!

I was assigned to give a talk in sacrament meeting on remembering the
Savior. I decided to use the topic and change the angle to look at
finding joy when we remember Christ. I also talked about how it's not
always easy to do those things in order for us to find joy in Christ.
When we become disciples of Christ we find that joy for sure. But that
includes standing as a witness of Christ in all times, in all things,
and in all places. That takes a lot of courage. It is not for the
faint of heart. But as we do those hard things we experience a process
of the change of heart. It's like how coal, when put under extreme
pressure and heat for an extended period of time, turns into a
diamond. We want to become that diamond so we have to go through the
fire and the flames

So, as I'm writing this I am eating candy and home-made pizza because
it's my cheat day. Since I've come to Senri I have lost 5 kilograms
(11 pounds). I'm hoping to get down to 82 or 83 kilos (180 pounds) by
the end of the transfer. I promise I don't have cheat days very often

Recently we have found a handful of new investigators which has been
great. My hope increases when I find new people to teach. However, we
have also had a few investigators who, for multiple reasons, have not
met with us for a while now. As a missionary I really want them to
continue progressing. I have seen great change come to individuals
through attending church and obeying and honoring God's commandments.
But when they tell you straight that they don't want to meet for a
while it breaks your heart. There's no other way to put it. To put it
simply, I have seen great progress and cause for joy, but there have
also been instances that tear your heart out. Gotta keep going though.
Fight the good fight, right?

Today we had a surprise hike with the Akashi elders and sisters. They
called my phone this morning and said they were on their way to see a
waterfall that Taguchi Chลrล's grandfather got baptized in 60 years
ago today. It's a way cool story! But one of the best parts is I got
to see Queiroz Chลrล, MY SON!!! HE'S MY BOOOOOYYYYYY! He turns 26 this
week! It's crazy! He is soooooo old
๐Ÿ˜† It was way fun. And we saw a
wild monkey!!!! I'll send lots of pictures and videos. Then we had
lunch together and got two new investigators from that! It was

We just finished grocery shopping and cleaning the apartment. It is
SUPER NICE today. It feels like it's in the 60s. I can't believe it.
Clear blue skies with white puffy clouds. But the nights are still

So, there is something Japan does that is very interesting. I've
noticed this since my first area but I just keep forgetting to mention
it. Some of the windows in homes or offices will be slats of glass
horizontally that act like shutters and can be adjusted like blinds.
You should look it up on the internet to see it because my description
is terrible. It's cool, but cold in the winter.

Well, I think that's it from the north end of Osaka. I hope you
enjoyed it. I hope you all have a fantastic week. Make it great! And
be ambitious for Christ! Love ya!

Elder Peacock

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