Monday, March 20, 2017

2017.3.19 Happy Spring Everyone!

Hello everyone!

ITS SPRING!!! It is warm today! I'm so excited for General Conference and the new transfer and the changes it will bring. I'll tell you what happens with me next week.

This past week was full, but I'm trying to remember what happened
๐Ÿ˜† We had a couple of kลkans, a meal with Bishop Shiono, and and a way busy Sunday morning. Let me fill you in!

So I kลkaned with Olsen Chลrล who was in the same district as me a while back so I knew him which made it even more fun! We found quite a few sick houses. In Japan houses NEVER have chimneys, even if they are fake. But we saw two houses with chimneys, and one of them had TWO chimneys! It blew my mind! And then, right next to them was a house that just screamed Scandinavian. Which was weird because it's not like I've seen that many Scandinavian homes. I dunno, it just spoke to me. So we had to go into that neighborhood anyway to find a less-active and when we were riding past that house I saw something, and you'll never guess what it was...a dolahest (spelling?)! The Scandinavian horse thing! I literally exploded! I whipped around and told Olsen Chลrล that we had to talk to them. Then there were other things with Scandinavian painting. It was awesome! Knocked and opened the door to see the husband answer. He said he had been to Scandinavia a few times. I told him that you two (Mom and Dad) served your missions in Norway and Sweden. He told me that the house is modeled after Denmark homes. Then he got his wife who said that the sister missionaries
visited the day before. Yep, turns out they were the less-active we were looking for. CRAZY!!! Loved it.

Yeah, so the Bishop invited us over for dinner last night. He is way young and is so on board with the changes happening in Eikaiwa and stuff. I love it! When we got to his house we shared a message about the atonement of Christ. But because our audience was mostly kids we had to make it simple. So we decided to do the
 doughnut and push-up thing. We used Jolly-Ranchers instead and it was pretty powerful. Needless to say I am pretty sore today
๐Ÿ˜† Then we made homemade pizza with corn on it #japanpizza

I read in Alma 4 when Alma the younger gives up his government position, confers it on Nephiah, and serves a beast mission. And for the next 30 years or so he just goes ham. City to city and preaches the gospel of Christ. He is a way good example of how to give up what needs to be given up and how to go to work. I loved it and hit straight home. Being able to choose what to give up will be made easier through prayer and meditation. Turn to the scriptures. Change is fun and repentance is great!

Today we are planning on going to Kyoto! We are going to see the Golden Povilion and the Thousand Red Gates. I'll send you guys TONS AND TONS of pictures. It'll be great.

Love you guys. Have an awesome week!!! 



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