Monday, March 6, 2017

2017.2.5 Transfer 11 has begun!!!

Hello all you lovely people!

There have been a couple of days over the past week or so that are trying to trick us into thinking Spring is coming faster than we think. And then the next day will greet us with a lot of cold rain. But today is very nice. With clear skies and warm sunlight it's pleasant, but the wind is cold which makes it refreshing. Love it!

Yep, today is the beginning of my 11th transfer! This marks almost 16 months since I entered the MTC. And with Sierra in the MTC I'm reflecting on how I have changed as a person, and what has improved. I still can't believe Sierra is about to enter the field in West Virginia! We should be getting transfer calls tomorrow. Well, I say we, I mean I. Since I've been in Akashi for six months it is very, very likely that I am leaving. I have my fingers crossed for a special place and I'm sure you can all guess, especially since I don't have all that much time left.

I'll try to hit some of the highlights that happened this week.

I turned 21 on Tuesday! Yep, now I can drink in the United States. But I won't, because I am choosing to be a Latter-day Saint (Mormon). I made a cake from a mix that Bubba sent me. It was German chocolate cake. It was great! And I opened a few letters from family and friends. Yep, also did dendล. Way fun! I'll never forget either of my birthdays here in Japan.

We had zone training meeting on Friday which was great. Furukawa Kyลdai came! And I didn't have to translate! Double yay!! There were many discussions on the new missionary schedule and the new key
indicators. It's a new level of responsibility from the Lord, He is trusting us with this new take on the schedule. Something that was said by Elder Dallin H. Oaks during the worldwide missionary broadcast was that they make these key indicators to influence the behavior of the missionaries. They take into account how we are generally inexperienced, then take into account our creativity and energy as young people. The Lord expects us to follow exactly these rules, but he also expects us to use our minds and our hearts to to do our best
with what we have. I think it's an amazing balance and trust!

We had stake conference on Saturday and Sunday. Our stake president invited us to attend the priesthood session on Saturday night so we did. It was basically all focused on the new booklet called "Teaching in the Savior's Way". I would like to hear from you guys how using that booklet has better helped you understand how the Savior teaches. What are your insights?

Sunday session of stake conference was all about member missionary work. And President Thomas S. Monson's favorite food: brownies
๐Ÿ˜† I saw a few members from Sumoto which was pure happiness. I love those members so much!

Today we are going to do our normal grocery shopping, rest, etc. However, we are going to a Brazilian restaurant in Kobe to celebrate our district leader's birthday. Then we will buy him a few presents. But yeah, that's all we got for today.

That's the update from the east. I hope you enjoyed the update. If you liked the video please hit the thumbs up button. Please leave a comment in the comment section. And subscribe to my channel as well as the others who helped to make this great email. And I will see you all, next time.

Elder Peacock

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Note: David later emailed us that he got a call from the Mission President assigning him to be a Zone Leader and David told us: "My new area is Senri in the north part of Osaka. My new companion's name is Olsen Chลrล."

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