Monday, March 6, 2017

2017.12.25 This is for last week (19th-25th) actually sent 1.1.2017

Hello everyone!

So, yeah, sorry I didn't send a weekly update for last week. Between the family Skype and appointments with our investigator we didn't have much time. So, here is a short make-up email for that.

I was Santa Clause for an elementary school! The sister missionaries have an investigator who needed a volunteer to be Santa for her daughter's school (that's what I get for asking how we can help)
๐Ÿ˜† It was good, I was a little stressed because the school principal told me, "now remember, all of these children still believe in Santa, so don't screw up", no pressure. I got all dressed up and got my voice going. All in all it worked out well. The kids believed (in) me. And it was a blast! Afterwards we went to a cafรฉ with the sister's investigator and had a lesson over some great hot chocolate.

Later on that same day we had our English Class Christmas party. Way fun, spent like 20 dollars on food for them. They know I love them.

Thursday was Christmas Taikai at the mission home. Soooooo fun! A couple of missionaries injured themselves while they did sports, that was fun. Welch Kaichล got really good burrito things from a guy who
works in the Harborland area. So good! We saw a lot of good performances and funny skits! My and my companion performed an acoustic version of Mary Did You Know. It was fun, haven't seriously performed since Skyfall at BYU-Idaho. #lastweekisbest

We had all of the elders spend the night at our apartment because of the lateness of the hour. We did a Secret Santa which was great. I was the recipient of 60, count them, 60 Chicken McNuggets. Needless to say I was SICK of McNuggets by the end of it, and I didn't even finish them that night. I got my man a side-mirror attachment for his bike and he loved it!

We met with one of our investigators and taught him the Plan of Salvation. He was following along just fine and had great input. At the end I asked him what he thought. He said he really likes the idea of the three kingdoms of glory. How it's not just heaven and hell. There are degrees, just like happiness and damnation.

After the Christmas Taikai I got sick and started spending time in our apartment recovering. That cut our dendล time in half but it was still fine.

On Christmas Eve we tried to do weekly planning but we didn't finish because of places we had to go.

Oh, right, I almost forgot. My lovely companion, Queiroz Chลrล, decided he wanted to taste the sidewalk one day. His bike joined him. In fact, you could say they flipped for it! Yeah, I got to make that special call to Welch Shimai. He is ok, kind of cut open his hand but no worries.

We bought Santa hats from the dollar store that are literally as long as my arm. So fun to bike with because it put a smile on everyone's face!

Also got KFC for lunch, #japanesechristmasculture

Christmas Day was the worst of my cold. Beautiful weather though. Two investigators and a less-active came to church! It was one of their birthdays as well! Then we (I) went to the apartment to sleep. After that we had a Christmas Party at a member's home. So much food and stuff. I was wearing the paper mask the whole time. I hate those things. The ward gave us a huge box of goodies that I have been munching on ever since. Yeah, I have gained weight over the past couple of weeks.

Then I Skyped my peeps. It was awesome, even though I was sick. 40 minutes goes by so fast!

Anyways, that was the week. Hope you liked it, because I did!

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