Monday, May 1, 2017

2017.4.30 Transfer 13 Stage 1

God morgen!

Jeg er en
宣教師! Let me just mix all the languages...muy sabroso!

I'm trying to remember what happened this past week. I know I had a couple of companion exchanges, stake conference, and many member appointments but he specifics are just not coming to me now. I'll do my best

Probably the highlight of the week was when my companion and I decided to do a complete overhaul on ourselves with respect to being Preach My Gospel missionaries. For those of you who do not know what Preach My Gospel is I will tell you. Many times, members of our church will refer to it as PMG, but it is the guide and outline for how missionaries teach the missionary lessons to those who have interest in learning about the gospel of Christ. So, if one of you were to decide that you wanted to find out for yourselves what the Mormons believe in then one would usually try to find two young men or young women missionaries. They are the ones with the white-shirt-and-tie with black name tags. Or dresses if they are young women (like my boss sister who is a missionary in West Virginia). One would find them and then they would begin teaching them, at a customized pace, the basic doctrines of the restored church of Christ. And if there are specific things one would like to learn then the missionaries are more than willing to tailor the lessons to those interests.

Either way, the missionaries rely heavily on the PMG to know how to teach simply and clearly so that anyone who has any interest in learning about Jesus Christ can learn what they want to learn. And because these young missionaries are, well, young, they almost always learn about Jesus Christ and His teachings and they teach others. It's something I have experienced time and time again and it is quite amazing.

But, yes, my companion and I decided to recommit ourselves and become PMG black belts. It's been cool, learned a lot of stuff from the First Presidency Message and the Introduction. Basically, the First Presidency of the church (the prophet of God and his assistants) explained that PMG is meant to help missionaries become better-prepared, spiritually mature, persuasive teachers. So, teaching is a paramount responsibility of being a missionary. But through the mission experience an individual changes. If you ask family or friends of returned missionaries you will often, if not always, hear them say that the person that left and the person that returned are two very different people. Because the PMG focuses on the fundamentals of missionary service then a missionary can focus on PMG to practice and refine his or her fundamental skills and behaviors. As this process takes place then the missionary slowly changes his or her fundamental behaviors, skills, thought processes, etc. My mission president often says how many times he has seen the development and the end result be absolutely marvelous. It's a miracle in and of itself.

So yeah, it's been cool this past week.

We also went to a place in our area that I had never been to before. Found two new investigators. Sick!
(This means ‘awesome’ in modern lingo.)
I stubbed my toe and now I'm limping. I hope I didn't break it. I should be fine

We are going to go to Namba in southern Osaka. It will be my first time so I'm excited. My Shimai die this week. No!
(“Shimai” are sister missionaries that entered the MTC same time as David did, they only serve for 18 months whereas the elders serve for 24 months.)

Hope you all have an awesome week! It's getting warmer as summer nears. Gotta love it!