Monday, March 6, 2017

2017.1.29 Quero tudo!!!


Man, we are just a few days from February. It's interesting because here are so many ways to measure time. Transfers, birthdays, general conference, presidential elections, missions, summers, midnights, cups of hot chocolate. The year is almost 1/12 done. I know that can seem like a long ways away, but that 1/12 went by like that, and there are only 12. We are only ten months away from Christmas!!!
😉  Anyways, I guess I should probably give you the full scoop of ice cream with that pie you've been wanting. Would you like fries with that?

As I write this it is raining and cold. It's funny because this week has been quite a mix of weather. It started with snow on Monday. Then cloudy. Then sunny and warmish. And now it's cold again and yesterday gave us some rain. It's fine though. To be honest, Matsue cold rain is worse than this so I'm not complaining. February is supposed to have the coldest weather of the year so we are about to hit the top of the hill. From there we will make the climb back up the thermometer.

From our weekly planning last week we had the goal to talk to as many people as we could while finding in a park, on the street, in a station, anywhere. We doubled our weekly goal of lessons and put our minds to work on how to accomplish this. There was also much prayer behind this effort. We developed an approach that was focused on hope. We would stop the next person we would see and tell them we want to ask them a question. That question is: what gives you hope/what do you get hope from? I have been blown away at how fast and easily this opens people up! And when we start explaining what gives us hope it is a SEAMLESS transition to any gospel principle you want to teach or focus on. We linked it to sharing Ether 12:4 from The Book of Mormon and giving them that copy of The Book of Mormon that we used. It's been good, but now we are trying to expand how to develop contact ideas using similar components of the one we have been using. It's been way fun! We all need hope, right?

We had a joint lesson with the Kobe sisters on Saturday because an investigator that we found recently actually lives in their area. We met with the investigator at 9:00 and had an awesome hour and a half
lesson with her. It was challenging to control the conversation because she has a million and two questions. That, and she was doing her best to speak in English the whole time which was fine but a little rough. She said that she will go to church next Sunday! She has a huge interest to learn about the Church. I'm way excited for her even though we passed her to the Kobe sisters.

We had another after baptism lesson with our recent convert. Actually, it was funny because we had his lesson on Wednesday in the afternoon, but then he said in on a lesson later that night for another one of our members. Lesson and a sit-in on the same day. Such a boss! He is progressing very well. And he has been talking to his boss about his work schedule to get Sunday's taken off. Yuuuuusssss!!!! He will be able to start attending church every Sunday from the middle of February. Last week we had okonamiyaki and churrasco with him. He is so cool!

We watched the worldwide missionary broadcast which was way cool because he set up was like a meeting room with the apostles and other general authorities. There were those new schedule and key indicator
changes which is going to take a while getting used to. But, I am very excited to try it out. We went to CostCo to get popcorn at the request of our district leader and we have left overs. About 30 packets of popcorn. Needless to say we have been having many church film nights in our apartment. If you drizzle chocolate sauce over popcorn it's really good!

This week is going to be good. We have an extra zone training meeting on Friday, stake conference where Elder Yamashita from the Asia North area presidency will come. Today we are going to have a meal with our
next door neighbor, groceries, nap, tune up our bikes, email all you lovely people, probably watch more church films about the amazing modern-day prophets like Joseph Smith and Thomas S. Monson. Then we have a meal with the Tsuda family tonight. I love this ward.

Anyway, have an amazing day and week you guys. Fight the good fight and never give up!
愛している! 孔雀長老より

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