Sunday, February 12, 2017

2016.11.20 からいですか?no,あつおおお!!!(is it spicy? No, it's HOOOOT)

Hey everyone!

Yeah, a lot happened this week. It was pretty good. We have been experiencing a warm spell (the opposite of cold spell...does that even work?
🤔) Saturday morning we woke up to strong wind and rain but it didn't last long. Then we had an 🌏 quake and we really felt that one, but I will talk about it later. Also, we had a less-active come to church which was great! But one of our investigators didn't come so we will follow up on that. And, as fate would have it, I will become Santa Clause for 90 kindergarteners. Yay!

We were able to meet with a less-active member on Tuesday. We actually had dinner with him. He was baptized about seven years ago but haven't been to church since then. He didn't have a problem talking to or meeting with us which was good. We had a good conversation about church, The Book of Mormon, and prayer. And he  accepted the invitation to come to church, and he did! The members fellowshipped well and I think that we will be able to get him reactivated through continued work through the members.

We talked about politics for English class...that was fun 😜

As I write my companion, Queiroz Chōrō, is singing and playing the guitar. He is playing a song he wrote. It's in Portuguese so I don't know what he is saying
😆 We are waiting for our rice-cooker-pancakes! So excite, very wow, much anticipate! We have been moving around some of the furniture in our apartment as we have been cleaning it out. It has gotten so much better over the past three months. Phew 😪Speaking of which, I am still in Akashi with my son, Queiroz Chōrō. Three members of our district got transferred so it will be fun to see the changes. We have Zone Conference this week so we will be able to all get together.

Zone Conference is on Thanksgiving Day. However, I do not think that we will be eating with the Welch's afterwards. As far as I know we are returning to our areas right after. But all of the elders in our district will be spending Thanksgiving night with us and we will have a mini-blitz in Akashi that night. Then we will travel to Sumoto on Friday morning for another blitz there. I will let you know how that goes next week.

Wednesday night we will have a Thanksgiving meal with some less-actives we have been trying to meet with weekly. We are going to a buffet and just spending time with them. One of them is physically handicapped so we really want to comfort him. I'm excited, but my diet will die this week

So, yeah,
🌏 quake. It was Saturday during lunch. We were talking about the upcoming Zone Conference and then it started shaking. The building shook and we felt a rumble from beneath us. It lasted for about five seconds. Stuff in the kitchen was clattering! Nothing fell though, that was good, and nothing broke. We didn't even get an alert on our phones which was probably the strangest part. NTT Docomo is very good about safety alerts. It kinda made me nervous but nothing else happened. After that we went to the church to give a sister a priesthood blessing. It was the first blessing I had ever given. It was a good experience. And she needed it.

I'm trying to think of what else happened this week...yeah, cause that totally works.

Today we cleaned our apartment, got groceries, and napped a bit. We will get haircuts and maybe try to find  Christmas lights to put up in our apartment. Maybe a small
🎄??? Then we are going to try and find some families the stake president want us to see. Yeah, should be a good remainder of the day. Looking forward to the new week!

Last night we had dinner with the stake president last night and he talked to us about the priesthood. The pre-mortal use of the priesthood and the why. Blew my mind. Never stop learning, right?

Alright, talk to you more next week. Love ya! Fight the good fight!

Elder Peacock

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2016.11.13 Vlog update

This time Elder David Peacock decided to send us a Vlog (Video log update).  Sorry, nothing to read this time.