Monday, March 6, 2017


Yoo-hoo, family!

I hope that everyone who reads this email is feeling the joy that
Christmas brings this time of year. There is a special glow, a warmth,
a magic, that I feel every year during the holiday season. It's my
favorite time of year! There is something that I want to share with
you all. In 1 Nephi 11 we read the account of Nephi's vision of the
tree of life. Just a few chapters previous, chapter 8, is Lehi's
vision of the tree of life. But there is something in chapter 11 that
isn't in chapter 8. In verses 12-23 the angel shows ,Nephi, Mary and
baby Jesus. Why does the angel show a Nephi thin in the vision? What
significance does it have and why did Nephi need to see it then? It
had been prophesied long before and Nephi knew the prophesies, as did
many (if not all) of the Jews. Sounds like a commitment invitation
opportunity to me! Everyone, please read 1 Nephi 8. Then read 1 Nephi
11. Then compare and contrast. Send an email to me telling me what you
learned. Can't wait to hear from you!

We had a couple of meetings this past week. On Thursday we had Trainer
Trainee Training. Then we had zone conference on Friday. The topics
ranged from balance (in responsibilities, in yourself, etc.), faith,
repentance, and sacrifice. The big takeaway for me was having patience
with myself. Yep, time to go over that again

Also, I may or may not have eaten 20 McDonalds burgers in the space of
two days...needless to say I am starting a diet today.

Queiroz Chลrล is doing well. He has really been going hard on the
language. He is putting sentences together faster and is putting
himself out there more. It's been good to see, and the members are
seeing it too. My son is awesome!

Speaking of which: we decided to sing 'Mary Did You Know' for the
Christmas party that the missionaries will have. Queiroz Chลrล and I
will both be singing and playing acoustic guitar. We will be sing the
Jeremy Camp version. Look it up, its way good! It will be on the 22nd
so we still got a ways. I'll send you a video when it happens.

Speaking of guitar: my wonderful son repaired a guitar for our
next-door neighbor. The man is way nice and he has known the
missionaries for at lease a year (probably longer). He wants to start
playing guitar but he had to put new strings on and he doesn't know
how. I don't know why he didn't just take it to a music shop, but
Queiroz Chลrล fixed it up and made it shine real fast. Our neighbor
loved it and said he has another guitar he wants Queiroz Chลrล to fix
so we will do that one too.

We met a half Japanese, half British professional ballroom dancer who
was giving out flyers for his studio at the train station. He was way
tall and definitely saw son Benedict Cumberbatch in him (not even
kidding, his eyes and hair). Way nice, pretty good at English. Made me
remember my dance classes from BYU-Idaho. So fun!

We spent an hour with one of the young men in our ward. We went to the
city park next to the train station and for an hour we walked and
talked. He is mega shy so we were worried he wouldn't enjoy it. To be
honest I was surprised he came at all. But by the end he was talking
and testifying. So good! I asked him how it was and he said it was
really fun. Definitely hooking up with him again.

Yeah, this week flew by. One of the fastest yet!

The sister missionaries are boss and brought three people to church
yesterday. Oh, that reminds me! I gave a small talk in sacrament
meeting. The bishopric wanted it to only be three minutes so I only
shared the 1 Nephi 11 thing. It was good though. Church is way busy!

It has gotten colder the last few days! I'm waiting to see the snow
again *fingers crossed*

Today we studied for a bit, cleaned (I destroyed the fridge with my
cleaning power, made the grime run), after emailing we will go grocery
shopping, get a tree and lights, bike stuff, shopping stuff, and go
see the city clock tower and planetarium. Should be fun!

I hope you are all have a holly jolly Christmas. Keep the Savior in
your hearts!

Sending you love from Japan,

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