Monday, March 6, 2017

2017.1.1 BAPUTESUMA!!!

Good morning peeps!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas with their loved ones and that
you are all now enjoying a wonderful New Years Day. Never take family
and friends for granted.

The week started with an amazing lesson! Our stake president said that
he wanted to join us for a lesson with our investigator who had a
baptismal date. We met at the church and had a wonderful talk. Because
he doesn't get to join us for a lesson very often he dug in and taught
well. At the end we all talked about the investigator's baptismal
date. We set it for Friday and started calling people to make it
happen. For the rest of that day (Monday) I was sleeping and calling.

Basically, the baptism as amazing! He is awesome! His name is
Furukawa! Around 20 people came to the service. Awesome turnout. The
first baptism I participated in since being in Japan. Wonderful

Anyway, my iPad is about to die. Love y'all!

Sincerely (and apologetically because this email is so short),
Elder Peacock

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