Monday, March 6, 2017

2017.2.20 Osaka Skies, Elder Holland, and Maizuru Baptism

皆さん, こんいちわ!!!

家族は元荬筏皮い毪? As I write this it rains down on Osaka. My neighborhood
is tucked up against the north hills so the thick of Osaka is to the
south, but I'm still in the city for sure. Yesterday was sunshine with
a chilly breeze while today is room temperature with good rain and
wind. It feels good but I'm sure it will cool down a bit which will
make tonight a bit cold.

This past week has been very busy. We had zone conference and
interviews on Tuesday and Wednesday. The reason it took up two days
was because we have a big zone and zone conference went a little
longer than expected. But, it was way good! I got lots of good stuff
that I need to improve so it's time to get to work. I'll hit some of
the highlights.

Welch Kaichō went into the faith and repentance challenge. As a
mission we are reading The Book of Mormon with focus on the first two
principles of the gospel. He was doing his training with a twist of
hope because that is what my companion and I were doing our training
on. He we talked about how Christ battled temptation with scriptures.
I learned that I need to talk less and listen more. Also that I need
to push myself on my road to improvement because no one is going to
make me do anything.

When we did our training I went first. My goal was to create an
environment where the Holy Ghost would inspire the zone members to
think about what gives them hope and what they hope for. I took it in
two phases: before mission and during mission. What are the
differences and the similarities? What changed? After the gears in
people's heads started turning my companion gave his part of the
training and led a skill-building workshop. We practiced teaching
simply and being able to teach what you say you are going to teach,
specifically in a first contact. It turned out well and we got some
positive feedback from the zone members.

After all meetings and interviews were done my head was fit to burst
with things I learned, impressions I felt, and information that needed
to be translated into action. I felt like my plate of things to do got
bigger. It was good though, it started my engines.

Thursday we did our weekly planning then travelled three or fours
hours north to Maizuru. We were on assignment to conduct a baptismal
interview. It was decided that I would do the interview and we also
decided we would make it a kōkan with the elders there. It was fun
because they are already a
四人 so there were six of us for the two
nights we spent there. I was paired with the
日本人 elder and we had a
good time. The interview went well, the guy was more than ready for
baptism! After that we set up the baptismal fount. Way good, the
weather was strikingly like Oregon, except the snow on the ground. It
even looked like Oregon with the trees and mountains. We were able to
arrange for Welch Kaichō do confer him the gift of the Holy Ghost
because he visited that Sunday (yesterday). Way cool!

So, we were planning on four way solid investigators to come to church
because they said they would. But, within a 12-hour period they all
let us know that they would not be able to come. It was definitely a
surprise. But we still had a good time at church. We had a live
devotional broadcast from Elder Holland in Nagoya. He talked about
time management, not worrying about the future, and marriage (it was
geared towards YSA but we had an investigator come, #nottrunky). Way

Today we tackled the two closets in our apartment. Lots of garbage.
Looks a lot better! Organized the food shelves and dishes. Got food.
Got emails (literally my highlight of every Preparation Day). Doing
laundry. Feeling happier because this place is cleaner. It was already
clean before, but now it's even more clean! I love it!!

I think those are all the highlights. It didn't feel like a full week,
probably because it was three main tasks. Running full speed into this
week. I would recomend studying October General Conference from 2016
since the next one is coming up in a month and a half.

I hope you all feel my love from the land of the rising sun. It's a
beautiful day because God lives and Christ is our Savior! See you all
next week!


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