Thursday, July 21, 2016

2016.7.17 Goodbye Sumoto :( Hello Nabari :D

はいてんきんだす (yep, I got transferred),

They called me right after a lesson with one of our investigators so we let the investigator know. After that we had Eikaiwa, so I told the students. We had s'mores as a class which was pretty good :) Then we met one of our good investigators for dinner. After dinner with them we all got soaked playing with squirt guns. After that we did our sparklers. They also gave me an Indonesian festival shirt which was way sweet of them! And one of the members saw me off at the bus station when I left which was really good to see.

I started my transfer travels at 7:50 and got to my new area around 3:00. I met up with my new companion, Drews Chōrō, in Nara while he was waiting with Vui Chōrō so I got to see him which was awesome! He's my district leader now so I will be able to go on exchanges with him. We got to the apartment and I dropped off my stuff, then we headed out. We checked on a few investigators before going to the church for a couple of appointments. We taught one man who is very good at English and who believes in the Bible and is starting to believe in The Book of Mormon. After that it was time to head home.

The Nabari apartment is the newest apartment I have been in yet. It's normal-sized which is nice. The train tracks are right behind our apartment so we hear them all day and night. But I like it, it's a nice white noise.

We met up with a young Japanese man who met the missionaries for the first time last week. He drove us to his house and introduced us to his mother. Then we went to his favorite spot up by the lake. We talked about all of our favorite things, what is different between America and Japan, and about the gospel. He has a desire to learn which is good. After that he took us out to eat at an indo-curry restaurant which was super good. There was a window where you could see them cooking. After that we watched the fireworks from a library on top of a hill so it was a good view. He wants to meet with us again so I am excited to see how he will progress.

On Sunday I introduced myself to the branch. There were about 24 people in attendance which is about 10 people more than Sumoto. We had the Osaka Stake President visit us and he spoke about temples. It was actually a theme for all of church, talking about temples. The people here really want a temple in the Osaka area. But he only way that is going to happen is if the members do the missionary work, not just the full-time missionaries. After sacrament meeting we went and knocked on doors with the stake president because he wanted to. We met a couple of people but nothing panned out. After church we had a food party which was pretty good. I mixed trap juice and Calpis, highly recommend it XD After hat we knocked on more doors, and more doors...and more doors.

I've been returning to the apartment just beat every night so I have been sleeping well. We have been having good cloud cover so it has cooled off a bit which is way nice.

Nabari is more countryside than Matsue, but more city than Sumoto. There are good-sized hills and beautiful mountains. And, my favorite part, there is a bike shop where I will be able to repair my bike! So, when my bike comes I will take it in, which should be this week. There is a grocery store right next to our apartment which is super convenient.

Drews Chōrō is a good guy. He is a hard worker and wants to teach the people here. I am looking forward to my time here with him.

So, yeah, that's the big news over here. Looking forward to more adventures. Today will be a normal Preparation Day. After emailing we will go grocery shopping and probably hit a restaurant for lunch. We have an appointment later on today so that's what we have going on today. Good stuff. Stay tuned for next week's episode! Fight the good fight and never give up! あいしてるよ!

Elder Peacock

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