Thursday, July 21, 2016

2016.7.10 Talent Show!!!

かぞくげいんき (how are you guys)?

I hope that you all enjoyed the trip to Utah. Those trips are some of my favorite because of the people I am with when I take those trips. Family and friends are of supreme importance in this life so don't take the time you spend with them for granted. The bonds you make, and strengthen, can last through the eternities. Therefore, show love to all you know and meet.

Well, it's strange that another transfer has ended and another one has begun. I am now a sixth transfer missionary out here. I have really enjoyed my time with Hancock Chōrō here in Sumoto. There are many memories we have made that I won't forget any time soon. Right now I do not know anything about transfers so I will let you all know what happens next week. I don't have any particular feelings, but I think I will stay with Hancock Chōrō in Sumoto for one more transfer. So far I have been in Sumoto for two and 2/3 transfers (because of the emergency transfer out of Sekime). This is the longest I have been in an area yet. Sumoto is a gorgeous city on an even more gorgeous island. When I visit Japan after my mission I will definitely come visit here.

So, I will just hit the highlights of this week.

This week has been about half-and-half sun and rain. The weather forecast keeps saying there will be thunder and lightning but it hasn't happened yet. There were a couple of days where we biked south to Minamiawaji. The second trip we took went all the way down to the southern beaches. We went over a mountain because we wanted to be in the next settlement over so that was fun. We met some college students from Kobe who we taught. They were kind, and we taught them about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. After that we made the long trip home. We hurried because we needed to catch a bus to another area in our district so we could make it to zone training meeting on time the next day.

Zone training was good. There was one thing in particular that I took note of, but a lot of it was good. The one thing was about plans/goals. Our tech elder talked about how, specifically with tech opportunity to use the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I never thought about involving the Atonement of Christ in my plans and goals that aren't gospel-related. Yes, I know, I'm slow to the game every time XD That was the point I learned from zone training meeting.

We had a talent show in Sumoto that we held in the church. It was from six to eight and we had lots of food and drinks, including s'mores stuff that the missionaries provided. Instead of graham crackers we used shortbread cookies. It turned out pretty well. We learned a Japanese dance called auadori. There is a festival in August that is celebrated all through out Japan where people will do this dance. It's way fun but I don't have a video to show, sorry XD There were two Australians that we met before the talent show started and they ended up coming to the talent show. They are way nice and they said we could visit them in port whenever their boat was there. I geeked out with the wife about Dr. Who because she grew up in England. It was awesome!

Yesterday was good. We talked about why we need to go to the temple in Priesthood. Speaking of temples, the Sapporo, Japan temple is about to open to the public and they have pictures on There are pictures of the gorgeous temple on that I'm using as my background. Way pretty!!! But while we were at church, Hancock Chōrō started to not feel well so we went home and he rested. Poor guy, he has been feeling ill on and off since we did the spinning teacups at ONOKORO on the Fourth of July. He's a trooper.

Today is going to be a normal Preparation Day. We were going to bike around the island, but with the new transfer we decided against it. Will I ever do it, maybe not on my mission. But, I will definitely do it sometime in my life. We studied, cleaned, and will do grocery shopping after emailing. It will probably be a relaxed Preparation Day compared to last week. It has been a little cooler over the past couple of days. We have had cloud cover and rain which have helped.

I love you guys a ton! Not a day goes by where I do not think of you. Please keep me in your prayers. Fight the good fight and never give up! あいしてるよ!
Elder Peacock

Please send me pictures of the trip, I want to hear and see all about it.

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