Thursday, July 21, 2016

2016.7.3 Happy Fourth of July!☄!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!! ! !!!!!! !!!!!!!☄!!!!

Greetings humans people!

It's been another good week in Sumoto, Japan. I tell you what, it is really starting to heat up over here. We are working hard to bring about the Lord's work in this corner of His vineyard. Success can be measured in many ways, but I know that we are succeeding. This week has been filled with fun, scary, and magical moments.

While this work is definitely grand it can sometimes become dull, that is where our creativity comes into play. We are able to bounce off each other so as to make each day more enjoyable. We talk a lot about how the mission has been changing us and how it will, has, changed our future. It's been great.

We met an elderly couple while trying to find a potential investigator who were really nice. We talked a lot about God, The Book of Mormon, and pre-earth life. Now they want to take us out to eat udon tomorrow. We think they are pretty well off because they have a beautiful home with an equally beautiful garden. I'm excited to see how they will progress. We also found two other men who had previously met the missionaries, many years earlier, and seem willing to meet again. I'm excited for the continued work in Sumoto, and, in Japan.

We were out of our area for a day due to a blitz in our district leader area. I was paired with the district leader's companion. We were able to teach a man who was extended the invitation to be baptized but declined because his wife wouldn't be baptized. He has a lot of concerns about the world that gives him cause to believe that people cannot change. We tried to talk to him about how the gospel of Jesus Christ can, does, and will change people. It was a good lesson, but he is just struggling with those thoughts.

Anyway, those were some of the highlights from the week. Today is going to be busy. We are going to visit a theme park on the island. It has a few things that we thought would be fun. All of the elders from our district are joining us for the day. It should be fun, especially since it is he Fourth of July for us today. And although we are in Japan we are definitely celebrating America :) We will buy sparklers and eat good food together. We are also planning on playing some beach volleyball. I am definitely excited!

Anyways, that's what's up. I hope you guys are enjoying your time in Utah. Please be safe in all that you do and make sure that you have fun for me ;) あいしてるよ!

Elder Peacock

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