Monday, August 1, 2016

2016.7.31 Sports Night

Hey guys!

It's been a good week here in Nabari, Japan. We have been enjoying some cooler weather, although this week is projected to be a hot one. We have found a few new people which has been great. Our ward mission leader is on fire which is a huge help. We are trying to get a lot of youth to come to church because this branch needs more of the young generation. We are also trying hard to find a few families because that would really strengthen this area. I tell ya, the real growth will only happen when the members join the full-time missionaries is bringing others unto Christ. And I'm excited for the future of his branch :)

One of our nights was a hard one because we had to tell one of our investigators that we can no longer meet because he isn't progressing. He has been meeting with the missionaries for years and he had a desire to progress. However, his way of thinking is keeping him from taking steps further. He doesn't think he is ready but he really is. We have been very frank with him (while still being polite) that he is ready and that he can take steps further. So, for now, we are no longer meeting with him. It was tough because I was the one who actually said the words that ended our weekly meetings. It was very emotionally draining; trying to figure out what is holding him back, trying to encourage him, then ending it.

We met a man on Sunday who is the husband of a woman we talked to earlier in the week. We had a very nice conversation about his religion (Shintoism) and our religion. We exchanged study materials and he asked if we could meet again to study and you know we took him up on that. I am always willing to learn more about other religions especially because it helps me understand people better. But, the books he gave me are in Japanese so it will be a back burner project.

I gave a talk in sacrament meeting, I spoke on repentance. A basic outline of repentance and why we need it. It felt like three minutes but apparently I went for 15, that was cool to see. I told them a little bit more about you guys, my awesome family. While the next speaker was talking a member walked it with a young man. He is not a member but he has been to church several times. However, a large reason he comes is just so he can speak English with us. Of course we will still teach him and see if we can help him develop a desire to learn about the gospel.

We had a sports night activity with the branch at a local sports center. We played soccer with them and it was very hot, lots of sweat :) We had loads of fun and we had a couple of non-members there so we were able to build our relationship with them, and their relationship with branch members. But, the best story of the week took place just before sports night started.

So, Drewes Chōrō and I got to the sports center about 20 minutes early to help get things set up. And while we were waiting we started throwing around a small soccer ball. Then, Drewes Chōrō has the wonderful idea of running and jumping off of a bench so as to catch the ball in mid-air. Sounds cool right? Well, it was pretty cool...until he landed. It's not so much that he didn't land well, it's just that his legs were not braced for all of his weight coming down, and he jumped impressively high. He rolled out of it, but he ended up getting some road rash and a scrapped knee. And the scrape was deep. We ended needing to get him to the hospital for stitches. It reminded me of he good old days ;) After he got four stitches in we headed back to sports night and played. Yes, Drewes Chōró still played XD He has been taking good care of it. We have been in to the hospital every day for his checkups.

Anyways, these are just a few highlights of the week. We are looking forward to the progress of this area and the people in it at is sure to be had. Today we went to the doctors office for my companion's checkup, now we are emailing, then we will go get lunch and shopping. Good stuff, and it is hot today! I love you all and hope that things are going well. Have some summer fun for me alright ;) あいしてるよ!


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