Thursday, July 21, 2016

2016.6.26 Week 36 or 37?


How is my lovely family doing? I hope you are all enjoying the Utah trip so far. Have tons of fun for me, and remember to be safe!

Things have been going fine over here. It's fun, challenging, crazy, tiring, and very good. We have had some pretty rainy and windy days that have been warm. Then we have had some hot, sunny days. We have biked up to Iwata (the north end, right next to the Kobe Bridge) and back three times this past week so we are pretty sore as of now. Needless to say we have been sleeping very well :) A lot of the excitement this past week came from the blitz we had in our area on Friday.

Since we had a blitz in our area we also had district meeting in our area. We decided that the two sisters would take the bus, but the elders wanted to bike instead. So Hancock Chōrō and I woke up at 4:30 and biked up to Iwata, met up with the elders, and biked back down. After district meeting we split up the island for each companionship. I was with Jones Chōrō and we headed further south along the coastline towards a little settlement called Yura. We met a couple of people and taught them. We found the end of the line. Then we headed back to Sumoto. We spent a little more time in Sumoto and were able to teach a lot more people. We met with an investigator who has been sick recently. And we ran into an Eikaiwa student which was great. We invited him to be baptized but he said he wanted to read more of the Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet we were using before he made a

One of the side-quests of the blitz was to make two new analogies/examples/parables. And we had to do this with the stuff that Hancock Chōrō and I bought from the local dollar store XD We had a gasoline siphon, a wallet, an hour glass, a bike lock (I do not recommend using a dollar store bike lock for securing your bike), balloons, and party crackers. We tied the gasoline siphon to the power of Christ's atonement. We tied a piggy-bank to baptism. It was good, definitely fun! The goal of the side-quest was to exercise our creativity.

At the end of the day we headed to the apartment where we had a massive spaghetti dinner. It was beautiful. The next day we headed back north after lunch because our district leader's bike needed to get fixed. We stopped at the restaurant called 'America' for pancakes and sandwiches. Once we got to the north end the other elders took the ferry back to their areas. People cannot bike or walk across the Kobe Bridge. We then visited a less-active member and headed back. It was raining on there way back which was nice because it kept us cool, but not nice because it was wet for the whole two-hour ride.

By the end of the week we had biked 12 hours just from the trips to the north end and back. That doesn't include the normal biking we do for our close-by investigators and members. So yeah, we have been tired. But we are getting good exercise.

Something that I have been thinking about is how God, our Heavenly Father, is the source of all truth. There are many religions in this world that have good goals and intentions. These good religions have prices of truth. There are many good people of many other faiths. But I believe that our Lord, Jesus Christ, has restored all of His truth through the prophet, Joseph Smith. And that when He did so he established, once more, as in ancient times, His true church. My desire, which is the same as countless others, is for everyone to add truth to the truth they already posses. Please, come and be filled with the love of God and the light of Christ. I promise that as you do so you will be enlightened, that you will never see things the same.

So, that was the highlight of the week. We worked with our investigators a lot. We tried to find more of our potential investigators but many of them were not home. We have a few new investigators from the blitz that we will meet with this week. I'm excited.

Today we are grocery shopping, I'm getting a haircut, and cleaning our apartment extra well because apparently our mission president, and his wife, are coming to our individual apartments for interviews! There may or may not be a certain, maybe large, amount of plastic bottles on our back deck 😅

Anyways, things are going well here in Sumoto, Japan. I'm just doing what I do the best I can do it. Prayers are good, pray for me please :) I'm glad I have you guys as my family. Have fun on your vacation! きょつけて (be careful).

愛しています (love you)!

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