Thursday, July 21, 2016

2016.6.19 Gaston/Rocky Week

おはようございます (good morning)!

This week has been a good week. We have had fun, made good progress, and are ready to see what will happen. First, I will explain the subject of this email: Gaston/Rocky Week.

So we were singing songs from Beauty and the Beast and Hancock Chōrō's favorite is Gaston's song. There is a line that talks about how he ate four dozen eggs every morning, as a boy, to help him get big. But, after becoming an adult, he eats five dozen every morning. So we thought, "hey, we want to get big...we should try the "Gaston diet". So, we did. Kind of XD What we decided to do was to eat three or four eggs with every meal. And we still have more than two dozen eggs as of now. We even drank eggs raw, like Rocky!!! Three of them. And it had a very strange flavor. It wasn't revolting, but definitely something that would take getting used to. Speaking of Rocky, have you guys seen the new Rocky movie called "CREED"? If you have don't spoil it for me!

Here are some highlights from the week:

Tuesday was fun because we needed to retrieve our bikes from the north end of the island. Public transportation is not reimbursable so we decided to walk the whole way (25 km=15 mi). We decided that as we walked we would teach as many lessons as we could. Someone gave us a ride early on in our walk which cut down our time by about a third. We told him about what we do as missionaries. By the end of the ride we gave him a Book of Mormon and our number. He was nice, but maybe not interested. Later on we stopped at a small shop to grab some refreshment. They had this really good ice cream that they let us have for free. So nice! We are planning on visiting again later. Then we walked for quite some time without any contact with people. Then we went to a restaurant that we had seen before. I ended up paying four dollars for a normal, although very spongy, pancake. Then I paid another three dollars for a bottle of Cake...good job David XD we eventually got to our bikes and headed home. That was the highlight of Tuesday.

On Wednesday we found two new investigators. One of them found us in the parking lot of a convenience store. The other one was found from our potential investigators list. We met with one of them on Saturday and he committed to baptism! We also have another investigator who wants to be baptized, but his situation is a little challenging so it will be interesting to see how that goes. So right now we have two investigators that want to be baptized which is great! We will continue to work with them and help them progress.

As I dismounted my bike on Saturday I bent my rear wheel just from my weight. It's pretty bent up now. I will get it replaced. But my bike is also doing something funny with the pedals. I don't know if I told you before, but when I was in Matsue the left pedal was loosening. Eventually it got to the point that, even though I would tighten it with all of my might, it would still be loose. I even took it to shops and they couldn't tighten it any more. I ordered a replacement part from Yamasaki-San, the man I bought my bike from, and I finally got it last transfer. But that is the part that is having problems now. Same pedal, same side. If it progresses to the same point as last time then I think I will replace it, but I don't know if it will keep doing this. So that has been fun.

We had Kobe Stake Conference yesterday. Elder David A. Bednar spoke to us. However, it was in Japanese so I really understood only, like, 10%. General Conference and church meetings are hard to understand because they use a different set of vocabulary that is hard to catch, even with my iPad-dictionary. After the conference, the Welch's had all of the missionaries over to their house for lunch. But, alas, we were not to eat. We had met with one of our investigators the day before and decided that we were going to fast with him for one day, Sunday. So we didn't eat at the Welch's. We still had a good time because it was like a zone training meeting without teaching, and it was at President Welch's house. It was pretty great.

Today will be us getting my bike checked out, groceries, emailing, haircuts, and then meeting with a member later on. It should be rainy for the majority of this week. It's really warming up now. Everyone is telling me it's only going to keep getting hotter. I will do my best not to die ;) That's the general update on my end. I'm excited to see how the second half of this transfer will go. I'm enjoying my companion, area, and time here in exotic Japan.

Stay tuned for next week's episode of "The Wonders of Japan, with Elder Peacock" XD

Elder Peacock

Joshua 1:5. Highly recommend it.


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