Sunday, June 12, 2016

2016.6.12 The bike-riding crazies in Sumoto!

This week went by way fast. I'll hit the highlights.

On Monday I talked with my companion about the struggles with sleeping in we had been having. He said he didn't like it either. It was a good talk, no hard feelings. Since then we have fixed the problem which is a big relief.

On Tuesday we decided to bike to the north end of Awaji island (the name by which Nihonjin know our area). It ended up taking around an hour and a half. Not bad, although we were going at a faster pace. We were able to teach a few lessons along the way. We found a restaurant called "America". I think it's funny you guys ate at "Nagoya" while I ate at "America" XD We had pancakes with ice cream which was good. On our way back to Sumoto, Hancock Chōrō's leg was giving him grief due to some medical problems he had before he mission. Nothing serious, but it slowed us down on the way home. We met a man on the way home who had actually met the missionaries before and was interested to meet again. We taught him the Restoration and about God being our Heavenly Father. It was very good and we will try to meet him again. Once we got to the apartment we were dead tired.

We decided that we wanted to try biking part of the way to zone training meeting on Friday morning. We woke up at 4:15 and set out around 4:30. We got most of the way by 6:30. We took a bus the rest of he way. We changed in downtown Kobe and got to the mission home about 45 minutes early. We figured that this would help us save money and train for the Awaji island bike ride. However, we left our bikes at the north end and we haven't gotten them back yet...if we want to continue doing that we will have to be faster and figure out logistics.

Anyway, zone training meeting was good. We talked about what we can do to baptize more converts. A big part of that is our goal to teach 20 lessons a week. The more we teach the more we can invite people to be baptized. Now we are working to increase the quality of our lessons. And then we will see what we can do with baptismal invitations. We are happiest when we teach and baptize.

After the meeting we had exchanges in Kakogawa. I was with the district leader and we talked about what we need to change about our dendo to baptize more. We were able to teach a few lessons along the way. We also met a way solid less-active member. Right now she is studying English so that she can attend university in Canada where her husband is right now. It was a way good lesson where we explained what happens at church, since she doesn't remember a lot about church. After that we headed back to the elder's apartment to end our day.

We got up early to get the ride back to Sumoto on Saturday. A member called us to invite us to a BBQ he was having with a bunch of his friends on he beach. That started around 12:30 and it was way fun. They were all Philippino and they had sooooooooooo much food. It was sunny and we had fun playing volleyball and catch. There were a few girls hitting on us which was a little uncomfortable for me and Hancock Chōrō. But they didn't try to do anything which was a big relief. We were able to teach a few lessons there which was great! After that we headed to the church for branch presidency meeting. I'm not gonna lie, I was having a really hard time focusing XD After that we headed home and fell deep into a scrumptious slumber.

Sunday was pretty good. It was rainy, albeit warm (that's basically how the rain will be from now until winter). I taught Priesthood, lesson 12 from Howard W. Hunter which is about helping less-actives come back to church. The parable of the lost sheep is very important here. Luke 15: 4-7. Also, showing the love we have for them is paramount. Christ always had love as His motivating factor. H never did anything without love. We would do very well to follow His example. After church we went to visit a less-active family. The mother is way busy and isn't really making time for church. She is a good woman. The couple missionaries talked about my lesson from Priesthood. I tell ya, teaching classes in Japanese makes teaching in English seem so much simpler.

Today we are going to get groceries, Hancock Chōrō will get a haircut, and then get lunch at Sukiya. King-size cheese gyuudon come to papa!!! After that we will relax a bit. We are planning on meeting a member later on. It's been rainy for the past couple of days. We are loving it here!

I love hearing from you guys each week. Keep the emails coming! I'm excited for all of you, have fun this summer! Please read "I Am a Child of God" by Elder Hallstrom from this past General Conference. It's way good. Fight the good fight and never give up! あいしてるよ!

Elder Peacock
Panorama in Sumoto

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  1. Elder Peacock, I enjoyed your blog today and am glad that you are diligently working hard and teaching people along the way as you ride your bikes. I know this Church is true; after living the gospel since my baptism at age 18, I testify that it indeed brings a lifetime of joy which will extend to eternity. Sister Kirby