Monday, August 22, 2016

2016.8.14 All the Gifts and Pretty Lights


The subject of this email came from a dream I had this past week. Those are the only lyrics I remember. They were put to the tune of a song by Christ August so the tune wasn't original. Anyway...

This week has been pretty good. We had companion exchanges, we got old stuff thrown out of our apartment which is awesome, and had a lot of people come to church yesterday. It's been great! We had rain come down hard on us yesterday, with lots of thunder and lightning, while we were dendoing with a member so that was way awesome :) #lovelightning

I had my companion exchange with one of my MTC zone leaders, Evans Chōrō. We had a lot of fun together and we talked a lot. We were able to teach together well. I am excited to see how he progresses from here on since he will hit his year mark in just a few weeks. I showed one of his recent converts a couple of videos of Parker Kane whom I performed with at BYU-Idaho. I learned that he has since done a commercial for McDonalds which is way sick!!! I pretty much died.

I want to say that using the scriptures while teaching is very important. I have learned that sharing scriptures can open a path where the Holy Ghost can testify. It can change the course of a lesson. When we can use the Holy Bible and The Book of Mormon to support each other we are able to testify of the truthfulness of what we teach. Jesus Christ is a wonderful example of this since He taught from the scriptures constantly. Like I learned from my parents, "when you teach, all you need are your scriptures and your testimony" :)

As a side note: I have been so surprised at how many young people here do not know Sword Art Online. How!? I have had to try and explain it so many times XD

During a meal with one of our members this week we played a couple of games. We played Chinese Numbers and Black Magic (yes, I figured out how to play Black Magic). During Black Magic, the wife figured out how it works, then we let her explain to her husband. During Chinese Numbers we eventually taught the rules to the husband who then taught the wife later on in the game. We were able to successfully illustrate how it can be frustrating not to know the rules. Life is the same. Life has simple rules and you can look at everything in a simple way. However, when you do not know the rules it can be frustrating and may even look impossible. As  members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we have the obligation to teach those rules to our brothers and sisters who are waiting in the dark, not knowing where, or how, to find the light. And as we learn more of the rules, or we learn more about the rules, our desire to teach the rules becomes stronger. Indeed, when someone does not know how to play Chinese Numbers, I want to explain the rules so badly. We do not have to wait to explain the rules, nor do we have to be perfect teachers. Often times the best way is the simplest way. Through simple methods we can teach great truths. And one of those ways is by our example.

I have also been learning a few magic tricks. Be prepared for when I come home :)

We had a miracle this week. Right before we went to the apartment of one of our investigators we got a call from a different investigator. This investigator did not have a desire to learn about the gospel since before I came here. But now she has a desire to hear it. I am not sure what events brought this change in her, but I know that the Holy Spirit was a big part of it. I hope she will continue in her desire.

Going into the final week of this transfer I am able to see one thing, if nothing else, that I have learned from my companion. It is this: teaching high-quality lessons are important. When you teach a principle in full you give the person you are teaching a better opportunity to accept or reject the message. You can teach, build a relationship, and learn all at the same time. I have taken notes, and I hope to emulate my companion's example.

I am very grateful for my time to work in this corner of the Lord's vineyard. I hope that I can touch the lives of those around me, even if it's just one. Fight the good fight and never give up! あいしてるよ!

けいぐ (sincerely),
Elder Peacock

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