Thursday, December 8, 2016

2016.11.6 さむいですわ! ️(it's cold)


This week was great! I'll start off by telling you that we focused on giving away copies of The Book of Mormon when we were finding people. We wanted to give out a ton and were able to give 17 copies away! With each copy we marked Moroni 10:3-5 and bookmarked it with an "I'm a Mormon" pass-along card that had our  number. And now we are combining giving away The Book of Mormon with holiday message videos. It's been working pretty well and I'm excited to see how it will continue.

There was one night where we called 16 less-actives to see who we could schedule an appointment with. We were able to schedule one at the church for this Wednesday so I am excited for that. Another one told us that he has been wanting to come to church but that because of physical impairments it has been difficult. But he said he would come next week! We also visited a couple of less-actives yesterday and both were good visits.  Asking progress on the less-actives front.

We got a call from our zone leaders Monday morning before we emailed asking if they can come to our apartment. So after emailing we hung out with the zone leaders and the elders from Sumoto for a few hours which was way fun. We had a hair cutting party (I think I sent a video) and I had a really good talk with one of  the zone leaders about how to work with members.

So, for our English class I practiced a song for them to analyze the lyrics. Us elders are in charge of the fluent group and the sisters are in charge of the beginners class. Now, what I didn't hunk about before I started this was that the dividing wall between the two classes is thin since it's one of those room dividers. So I started playing the guitar and singing and got part way through when one of the sister missionaries opens the door and asks me to sing for the beginners class. So I end up singing and playing for a group of about 20 people. 😊 It was fun though. I'm working on making a mission-themed cover of the song which was 'Love Yourself' by Justin Bieber.

The Sumoto elders came over Thursday night and we had a singing competition in Samoan to see who could hit the highest note. It was only a couple lines of lyrics but the chords would move a half-step up the guitar each round. Queiroz Chōrō beat Fa'alute Chōrō who is the Samoan. Then I beat Queiroz Chōrō. But what we all learned that night is that I might be able to sing higher, but Queiroz Chōrō has superior voice quality 😆

We had dinner with an investigator and a member and were able to talk about what the investigator likes about the missionaries and about church. He said that he really likes meeting with us and studying together. Is that awesome or what!? He also likes coming to church but he hasn't recently because of work. We will see what we can do. Before that we had a meal with a member. And before that we had Trainer Trainee Training at the Kobe mission office.

Speaking of Trainer Trainee Training. It was good to see all who were training again. I got to see my two previous companions, Jones Chōrō and Drewes Chōrō. We are all loving training. It is sooooo much fun! I would like to be a trainer until I die #hollywoodending But I want to die in Matsue #hollywoodending

Friday was zone training meeting. We talked about what is difficult about finding those prepared to be baptized. We talked about getting the second appointment, getting contact info, helping the investigators we have, involving the members, etc. What we did was read Mosiah 2-4 and use it to answer our questions/challenges. It was really cool because it is King Benjamin's address to the people. I would encourage you guys to think of a question or a challenge you have and read Mosiah 2-4. Analyze and find the answer. Then do it with other passages of scripture. I promise you will find your answers and be blessed.

On Saturday we went to Himeji to teach a Brazilian family. We taught the Restoration with the Himeji sisters in the Himeji church building. We talked in English and Queiroz Chōrō translated for us. The family really  identifies with the church and they said they would read The Book of Mormon and pray about what we have taught them! Speaking of Brazilians. We met one of our Brazilian investigators in the hospital. He is such a nice man. We taught him the Plan of a Salvation and he said he would pray about it. At the end of the lesson he offered his first prayer EVER to God. How awesome!!! I'm so excited to see him progress further.

Also, we bought too much food last week so we don't need to buy food this week.

Did I tell you it's cold here? It is.

Are takoyaki with a less-active. So good!

Have I told you how much I love fall? I LOOOOOVE IT!!!

My son is becoming a good cook (thank you Mom)!


Last night we were riding our bikes around downtown and were meeting a lot of good people. Then we saw a couple walk by as we were inputting a lesson. We decided that we wanted to talk to them. I have never contacted a couple before and I was ready for it although a little nervous. We prayed before contacting them.  As we talked with them they were super nice and respectful. We shared the 'Because of Him' video and the man said that Christ looks like a miracle. We gave them a copy of a The Book of Mormon and they said they would read it. The Holy Ghost told both me and my companion that we needed to stop them. It was sure. And we have changed their lives. Will they call us? I don't know. Will they be baptized right now? Maybe not. But I did what the Holy Ghost told me to do. I know I did. I testify that the Holy Ghost will help us in all things. That is how the Lord directs our paths.

Well, I think that was all for this week. It was a great week and we got a lot done. The work is moving forward  and I am grateful to be a part of it. Fight the good fight and never give up! Until next week. よろしくおれがいたします!

Elder Peacock

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