Thursday, December 8, 2016

2016.10.30 ハピハロウェン (HAPPY HALLOWEEN)!!

I hope you guys are having fun today. It's one of my favorites so please have fun for me wherever you are 😜
This week felt pretty good. We were able to meet a lot of people, find less-actives, and see investigators come to church. The weather continues to grow colder. The leaves are finally changing colors and falling here. Pumpkin-flavored-everythings are popping up everywhere which I appreciate.
Yesterday we didn't have very much time to find people because we traveled to a different ward for our Brazilian investigator family.  They really enjoyed church. The whole time was a translation party because I translated from Japanese to English, then Queiroz Chōrō translated from English to Portuguese for the investigators. It was tiring but way fun. I've never done so much translation before! Turns out that there are a couple of members in the Himeji ward who are fluent in Portuguese so they should be well taken care of there!
But, after that we came back to our church building in Akashi to see who was still there and we were able to set up appointments for later on this week. Then we went to the castle park and were able to give away copies of The Book of Mormon. We were about to head east to meet a less-active but were were notified by a member that the appointment was canceled. Instead we spent the rest of the night with two members and visited less-actives and gave out Eikaiwa flyers.
Queiroz Chōrō have a goal of handing out 70 copies of The Book of Mormon this week (10/day). We think that this activity will help us find those who are prepared to hear the gospel of Christ. Also, it will help prepare others. We also want to hand out a massive amount of Eikaiwa flyers this week. I'm excited!
This week has been a struggle with money because it's the end of the month and we still had to travel. We literally have no money right now. But it's ok because we get fresh MSF tomorrow so we will definitely survive. I honestly though we were going to get stuck between Himeji and here yesterday 😆
I can't believe tomorrow is November! What the heck is happening!? It's too fast!!!
I sent pictures of the Halloween party we had on Saturday. Queiroz Chōrō and I were in charge of an Oreo race where you put the Oreo on your forehead and, without hands, get it into your mouth. Way funny! We were also in charge of a doughnut race where doughnuts were on a string and you had to pull them off. There was also horseshoes, a costume contest, trick-or-treat, and other games. We had an investigator come, so did the sisters. Way fun, loved it! You will see the pictures.
We had a blitz in Kakogawa, that was fun. I was with Fa'alute Chōrō, that's when we had the seven-pattie burger.
Sorry this is taking so long, I'm trying to remember what happened his week. Also, I'm trying to write slow because I know you guys can't read fast (#M*A*S*H)
Have you guys watched any more anime? Watch more anime 😉 
Saw the poster for the new Harry Potter movie, nearly died.
Jake, learn to circular breathe. I would teach you, but I'm here in Japan. 
In case anyone hasn't realized it yet, The Book of Mormon is the best! One draws closer to God through it and your eyes will change. You will see the hand of the Lord in all our lives. I know this is true. Please
read it.
I love you all. Fight the good fight and never give up! たのしんで (have fun)!
Elder Peacock

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