Monday, October 10, 2016

2016.9.25 It's officially Fall and we we’re in our area for about half the week

 Ohakonichibanwa (good morning+hello+good evening) 😜 No, Japanese people do not actually say that, but my companion sure does.

It's been a fun week over here in Akashi. We have had some rain (typhoon) and cooler weather coming in which has been nice. Yeah, we had a mini-typhoon come in on Tuesday. We got weather alerts from the cellphone carrier saying that we should got to a strong structure and that there were going to be "sand and dirt disasters". We stayed in our apartment for most of the day to wait out the rain and wind, but other than that nothing happened. We had Eikaiwa later that night so we were fine.

We found a new investigator on Wednesday. He is a college student studying drawing. He wants to hear more about our church so we set up an appointment with him. I'm excited to see how he will progress. Speaking of new investigators. We had an exchange with the Zone Leaders in Amagasaki. I was with Reber Chōrō who will be going home next week. We talked to a couple of people before dinner which was good. But the highlight came when we went to MacHouse (McDonalds) for dinner. There was a young man across from us that we wanted to talk to. We started a conversation and found out that he has actually been thinking about converting to Christianity. The only thing is that he when to a Christian church one time and it was not a fun experience, a little scary he said. We invited him to come with us to the church building because we were heading over to do some music practice. He readily came with us. The whole time we were practicing we had fun and goofed around and he loved it. He had a smile on his face the entire time. By he time we left his view of church had done a 180 degree turn. He said he was going to post all over his social media that church is awesome. How cool is that!? I'm excited for his progress even if he isn't in my area.

We did an exchange with the elders from Kakogawa. That's where the pictures of the sunset, devil hornets, and shrines came from. I was with Matsuhisa Chōrō and we were trying to teach as many people as we could but there were so few people out on the street. It was good though. We met an older man who can speak English very well and had been to the missionary's Eikaiwa before. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he really seemed to like it. I hope he meets with the missionaries again.

I gave a talk on Sunday. Talked about preparation. Related it to missionary work, school, etc. The stakes here have the goal of working towards a temple here in the Kansai area. It went fine. Then we sang Lead Kindly Light with the Sister Trainer Leaders here very suddenly. That went fine. Yeah, Sunday was good. We had a couple visit the ward from America. The husband served in the Akashi ward as a missionary in 2000. One of the people he baptized is currently the Ward Mission Leader. He really liked seeing that. We all had dinner together at the Ward Mission Leader's house that night. Way fun, loved it.

Over the past couple nights I have fallen asleep early. But both nights I woke up around 10:00 and was acting funny. Just like I do when I wake up tired and disoriented. My companion got a good laugh out of it 😆

I made a new language study plan this morning. Yay! We cleaned our apartment a little more. Yay!

HAPPY 🍂 EVERYONE! I can't wait for 🎃 👻 !!!!

Yep, there you have it. I'm sorry if I forgot anything but I don't think I did. I'm doing well and I hope you all are too. Thank you for the updates! Fight the good fight and never give up! 愛してりよ!

Elder Peacock

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