Thursday, June 9, 2016

2016.6.6 New companion in Sumoto!

To start I will tell you about my new companion. Hancock Chōrō is his name. He transferred from our next-door neighbor area, Tokushima. He was in the MTC at the same time as Vui Chōrō so they know each other. His Japanese is off the wall! It is sooooooooo good. His accent is probably the most impressive part. He flippn' sounds Nihonjin! He is laid back and wants to work hard. I have enjoyed the beginning of our companionship.

Yamamoto Chōrō went to Takatsuki, Vui Chōrō's former area before Matsue. And he became district leader (again) which he will have fun with. Yamamoto Chōrō actually trained Hancock Chōrō for one transfer as a part of a threesome. So Yamamoto Chōrō and Hancock Chōrō have a very good relationship.

This week has been interesting. We got the transfer call after Eikaiwa. Wednesday was just getting everything ready for Yamamoto Chōrō to transfer. Then we went to another area Wednesday night to make Thursday transfer travel easier for logistics. Hancock Chōrō came in around 11:00, but we had to wait with the district leader for his new companion. That lasted until 3:00, after which we headed back to Sumoto. We met these two nine-year-old girls who talked to us because they thought we were cute. Freaking your nine little girls, what the heck XD We talked with them a little about Christ since one of them knew a little about Him. It definitely didn't count as a lesson though. When we got to the apartment we dropped everything off and then did weekly planning.

Friday consisted of a LOT of walking because Hancock Chōrō's bike hasn't come yet. We walked about 20 kilometers that day. We got a little red from the sun too :) We visited some members and investigators to introduce Hancock Chōrō. We taught lessons along the way. We stopped at a grocery store to find sustenance and sunburn relief. We ended up buying this small can of 16 dollar water. It says thermal water, and apparently it is from France. But I swear it is just water. So that happened XD By the time we got home we were so worn out from the sun and the walking. We slept very well that night.

We have been eating the treats you guys sent in the package. I love that Sierra used the pictures I took of her, I'm glad she liked them. I still cannot believe she is graduating!!!

We tried to find a few potential investigators in downtown Sumoto. And as we did so we ended up teaching quite a few lessons on the street so that was good. We met a family whose father actually knew the missionaries in Osaka way back when. But those missionaries didn't teach him any lessons, they only played basketball with him. Then we had branch presidency meeting. After that we went home.

Sunday was very rainy, although mild. There were very few people at church that day. But it was still good. After church we tried to visit a family, but we knocked on the wrong door and ran into a different family. We taught them about prayer and they seemed receptive so hopefully we can meet them again. Then we went to the right door and met the right family. They have been busy with work so they haven't been able to come recently. But we talked about the young man preparing for a mission so that was good. After that we went home to break our fast. After that we stayed in the apartment because of some things that had to be talked about. Nothing bad in our companionship, nothing like that. It's just some outside things going on that needed some time to be discussed. So we ended up staying in the apartment the rest of the day.

Today we studied, cleaned, and are emailing now. I sent another package your way of goodies. It will probably be a while until I send another package your way so enjoy this one. After this we will go shopping. We are also going to McDonalds so that I can try a BoomChakaLaka, which is a Bic Mac with two giant pieces of chicken put in it. I'll send pictures and a video later XD The weather has been pretty good today, sunny with clouds. It is definitely warming up in Japan. Soon we will be in full-fledged summer. Oh boy.

So yeah, that is the week on a nutshell. Transfers were a big part of it. I am really looking forward to my time with Hancock Chōrō. He is ready to press forward and get work done. We have talked a lot about personal conversion. And for missionary work, as with any stage of life, our personal conversion to the Lord, Jesus Christ, is paramount. We must be truly converted. But it won't happen overnight so we have to be patient with ourselves as we rely on God.

Fight the good fight and never give up! あいしてるよ!

Elder Peacock

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