Sunday, December 6, 2015


Merry Christmas!                                                                                           12.3.2015


I remember when I entered the MTC that the next two months were going to take forever. Boy has time flown! Japan is just around the corner and I have no idea where the time went. All I know is that my zone gets flight plans tomorrow and that we got our full Japanese name tags yesterday. I'm really getting excited now. Yesterday Daniels Kaicho showed us a couple of videos he took over in Japan while he was a mission president. One of them was a Christmas dinner where they ate raw squid! Here's the crazy part. The head is chopped off and the blood cleaned out, but when they put soy sauce on it the salt reacts with the nervous system because squid’s axons are so large that it stars a reaction. Basically it moves like it's alive!!! That is so not ok! The guy in the video took 20 seconds to bite off a tentacle! And in case you were wondering, yes, I am going to eat that XD… somehow.

It has been very cold this past week. It snowed heavily the day after Thanksgiving. This made our temple walk very beautiful. Also, on Tuesday night Daniels Kaicho came to our residence and made a change in companionship. Iwaasa Chōrō and Sheppard Chōrō have been experiencing a lot of struggles. So for the last two weeks Daniels Kaicho is having Welch Chōrō be companions with Sheppard Chōrō, and I am now companions with Iwaasa Chōrō. Yep, I have a new companion now. I have been aware of these struggles (from day one) and had been praying for them to find peace. I will continue to do so because when we fly to Japan we have to switch companionship so to normal. We'll see how it goes. I really like Iwaasa Chōrō so I'm cool with it.

We had a Kohai (new elder) go home a few days ago. I didn't know about his struggles until the day he was leaving. He seemed like he was fine, but that just goes to show how well we can hide our emotions. He said he will be back in 6-12 months. I have faith he will and he is now in my prayers. It was pretty sad for us all.

 Sierra, I LOVED the picture you made of Jean-Luc! Also, when you mention Sora in your note it made me pretty flippn' happy. XD I am very glad that Dad and Jake were able to go to the state championship football game. I have to admit I did a few fist pumps when I got the news they won. XD #highschoolpride.  You asked what I want concerning Christmas treats in a package and I honestly will eat everything you send. Demo: If you send Lucia Katter and Vienerbrod I will be very happy. But send me anything and I will eat it. Also, side note, Mom and Dad, what exact years did you serve your missions? I can't remember why I left the sweaters in my closet at home. Send those and I'll see if they don't fit. I'll let you know if I need new ones.

Each week missionaries have TRC. I forgot what it stands for but it's where we meet with members and teach them a lesson. Since last week we have started Skyping members in Japan! Last week was pretty bad because we couldn't understand what the member was saying. But this week was much better. We taught how prayer helps us receive revelation. I now have the first vision memorized so I shared that yesterday because of how Joseph Smith found answers through prayer. It was rough but I got it XD Right now I'm working in memorizing Moroni's Promise 10:4-5.

I try to write things down to email home about but I always feel like I'm forgetting something...whatever.

With Japan coming closer and closer my mind turns to how, despite my weak language skills, I will  communicate with the Nihongin. And the answer comes very quickly to my mind. The Holy Ghost. There is a three-part video on called Patterns of Light featuring Elder David A. Bednar. Member or Non-Member I invite you all to watch it because it is insightful. Also, Elder Bednar is amazing. I also invite everyone to read the Book of Mormon if you haven't already. The Book of Mormon, coupled with the Spirit, is the most powerful tool in converting ourselves to the Lord. We will come closer to God by abiding by its precepts than by any other book. Please convert yourselves to the Lord and never fall away. Ai shite imasu.

Pikoku Chōrō

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