Wednesday, April 19, 2017

2017.4.9 Broken backs, funerals, and General Conference

I know your curious about the subject line so I'll jump right in it. But before I begin, I will tell you that I am actually in Umeda, downtown Osaka. We just went to go see the Osaka Castle and the Sakura there. I sent a million and three photos so you should have gotten them. Way fun, then we grabbed lunch and are now in some of the mall's massage chairs. It's a good Preparation Day 😊

So, I'll start by saying we had Mission Leader Council on Tuesday. It was way awesome. It's a meeting where all of the zone leaders and sister trainer leaders meet in the mission office and receive training from President Welch and his assistants. We talked about how things are going in each of our zones and what we need help with. Way good and way uplifting! Basically, I want to repent all the time. When we finished, I went to the office elder to try and get a new microwave for our apartment. When I asked him what could be done he took me with him into the back room to see what they had that wasn't being used. This is the back room that has all the spare furniture and appliances that are stored when an apartment closes so that then can save money by reusing the stuff instead of buying new stuff. Anyways, we walk in and he says, "oh, we probably have a microwave back here". Now, the reason why we needed a new microwave is so I could try my hand at some baking. Because baking with a toaster oven is not super effective. So, we look and behold, not just a microwave with a bake function, but a legit oven! It was so beautiful. And it works! One problem, he couldn't drive it over to our apartment until a few weeks later. But by that time, I could be transferred. There was one option. And that was to carry it all the way home. Which is what I ended up doing. The result was a back with problems two days later when we went to a funeral of a member's father.

We went to the dollar store before the funeral so that my companion could get a black tie. While walking through the store a pain shot across my back that caused me to stop walking in my tracks. Then it happened again after the funeral. I called Sister Welch and she said to take a few days off to rest, so that's where half of my week went, to the apartment. But the funeral was a first in Japanese. Most of the speakers were LDS so everything was testified in the name of Jesus Christ and we sang hymns. But what really caught my attention was one young adult who shook so hard when he got up to speak. His hair was swept in front of his face and he looked to the side instead of forward to the crowd. He was bent over for most of his talk which made it all very dramatic! It was hard to watch, but one could easily tell he missed his grandfather whose funeral it was.

That, and General Conference. Way awesome! Elder Renlund talked about sin and sinners. That was one of my favorites. And President Uchtdorf taught that “perfect love casteth out fear”. That was way good! I downloaded all of the audio so Imma be listening to that a lot.

We spent Sunday at a ward members house for General Conference. They are from America so it was all in English. And they made homemade cheeseburgers. I died! They were so good! And then we went to go see one of our investigators. We just shared a thought or two from General Conference and then invited him to read one of the talks. Way good and he felt the Spirit. Then we went home.

Then something funny happened. I got a bloody nose and laid down to let it settle. Then a strong head-cold broke over me. It had never happened like that before. Then I coughed last night and am now in a full cold today. Yay! But it's ok, because I went to Osaka Castle.

Anyways, those are the highlights. It also rained a lot, but it was very warm at the same time. Hope you all have a good week!


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