Sunday, January 10, 2016

Nearly One Full Month in Japan!!

As of tomorrow I will have been in Japan for 4 whole weeks! An entire month in the field! It's crazy to think that means I have been on my mission for 3 months. The time flew in the MTC, and, looking back, it sure has flown here.

After emailing you guys last week we went to go see Motsue Castle. However, once we got there the park was closed. So, no pictures to show you of the castle this week. But after emailing we are going to see it before they close so you should get photos next week. The rest of Monday was pretty normal. Visiting members, less-actives, and tracting.

The rest of Wednesday was pretty normal dendo.

Thursday was a fun day because we traveled to Zone Training Meeting. After a couple of hours of visiting members we caught the 3:55 bus to Okayama. I really enjoy this bus ride because our district all rides together. We got to the Okayama elders apartment at about 7:30. After getting dinner (and breakfast for the following morning) we ate and talked for the rest of the night. This is probably my favorite part of Zone Training Meeting. The next day was filled with news.

Changes to transfers and companionship exchanges had been made. For transfers we would now be traveling alone. The head of the church has deemed public transportation safe enough that traveling alone is no longer considered traveling "alone". So yeah, good luck when I go somewhere new XD And the change to companionship exchanges is that every elder in a district goes to the District Leader's area. And every District leader goes to the Zone Leader's area. And every Zone Leader goes to the Assistant to the President's area. So, there are only three areas in which a zone has exchanges. This means both companion ships are in the same area. This will make planning who to visit and what to do more of a challenge. But, the reason behind this is to make these areas more of an example for others to learn and apply new methods and techniques. I'm excited to see how these changes effect our areas. After we finished Zone Training Meeting we had lunch, weekly planning, companionship inventory, then caught the 5:00 bus home. We got back at 8:00, so once we got home we planned and hit the hay.

Saturday was a pretty normal day. We had a lesson with a member present, met with the bishop to talk about their ward mission plan, then met with a recent convert and progressing investigator. The investigator's name is Anzai-San. He is Christian, reading the Book of Mormon, and loves talking with us. We feel confident that he will accept baptism.

Sunday was good (as always). Even though I don't understand what is being said a lot of the time I still feel good. I enjoy being with the members and hearing them speak. We are having a mini Mission Prep class with Yamamoto Kyodai who is submitting his mission papers. We also had Ward Council today. Didn't understand anything at all. I was fighting my eyelids to keep from closing about halfway through XD  After lunch we visited less actives but weren't able to actually meet with any of them. We spent the last 40 minutes tracting. We met one young woman who was super receptive to our message so we will visit her again!

Today has been pretty good so far. We have done laundry, studied, cleaned a bit (we are slowly but surely making the apartment prettier). After email we are going to get haircuts, grocery shopping, visit Motsue Castle, and do a few other errands before we begin dendo tonight. The weather has been fine. I enjoy cloudy weather. There have been a few sunny mornings that have been great though. I'm really looking forward to the warmer weather here in Japan, wherever I am at when that happens.

Little piece of info about Japan. ALL of the sidewalks have a yellow stripe down the middle to split walking and biking sections of the sidewalk. I'll get a picture for next week. More bits of weird info next week so stay tuned! XD

Elder David Peacock

I have tried nato, hard boiled eggs, and fish eggs. Good stuff XD

At the mini train stop after interviews with President Welch.

This is a decoration used during the New Years Days.

Individually wrapped corn on the cob.

Video on the train to Zone Training Meeting.
Zone Training Meeting

View after visiting a member.

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