Sunday, January 24, 2016

2016.1.24 This Week's Email


I’m on the church computer right now because I do not have my iPad. I left it in Okayama on accident. I am not able to write my usual weekly email this week because I do not have enough time. Sorry XD

I am typing on a Japanese keyboard and the keys are weird sizes and it keeps switching to Hiragana. So I might be a little slow today XD They aren’t all that cool. Just Hirigana next to English.  Sorry that you won’t get any pictures this week. They are all on my iPad XD

Right now we are having a small snow storm. Since yesterday we have gotten about four inches of snow. And it is still going!  It is pretty fun! It makes riding a bike difficult though XD  All of the travelling last week was good. No difficulties there. It was good to get back home though. I am trying to think if there has been anything I wanted to talk about...

By the way, I got both the Amazon and family package on Friday. Thank you so much! Well, I actually got the Amazon package at Kobe in the mission home. I got the family package on Friday. I see the postage amount on each package and I'm like HOLY COW!

Things are going smoothly. Not perfect, but definitely better than they were. We are trying to get 25 lessons taught this week. The last few weeks we have been able to get at least 20. I am trying to serve him [my companion] more. I am paying attention to things that might make him happy. The email you sent me was awesome Dad, thank you.

We desperately need new investigators. Last night I had my first experience with someone slamming the door in my face. Literally, slammed. It was ok though. I am doing fine [with learning Japanese]. Steadily improving. I am trying to read out loud from my Japanese PMG [Preach My Gospel] each day which will help. I really need to start expanding what I can say in my prayers though.

Sierra, how is mission prep going? Keep me posted and good luck on finals!  And how is brother Thomas doing?

Your favorite missionary is doing well! I love the book you wrote me. It was a great present. Thank you! I have a question, have you watched the live-action Kimi Ni Todoke yet? I am actually planning on getting a haircut today so I will send pictures next week.

I am able to write a little throughout the week in the Notes app on my iPad. Then I put it all together on Preparation Day when I send it to you. Yeah, I would not be able to write that much otherwise XD Yeah. It helps so I don’t spend so much time trying to remember what I did each day or what happened through the week.

I am almost out of time. I know that God is our Heavenly Father. I know Jesus Christ is His son. They love us and are our family. Joseph Smith restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ in its fullness. It is contained in the Book of Mormon. Read from it daily and it will give light to your soul. I love you guys very dearly and I miss you greatly. I will never give up on this great work.

Peacock Chōrō

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