Sunday, November 1, 2015

P-Day #2 in MTC

Ohayō Gozaimas!!! (means 'Good Morning')

I can't believe I've been here a two full week! It's crazy! :D

Right now I'm doing laundry. Later on I'm planning on dropping off dry
Cleaning, getting my hair cut, going to the temple, and playing Zone
Volleyball. I really like P-Days.

This past week has been an exciting one! Tuesday night DEVO was Neil
A. Anderson. He talked about Sacrifice, opposition, adversary, and
deliverance. What I took away was that "we all gave something up to be
here". Whatever it might have been. I definitely have so it hit me
with force. Also, I sang in the MTC choir that night, More Holiness
Give Me, great hymn by Phillip Bliss. There was also a moment this
week where the Holy Ghost testified to me that my sins had been
forgiven and that Christ is right beside me. I was able to share these
feelings with my district and I know they felt it. I was very happy in
that moment.

Yesterday I was able to 'Host' the new arriving missionaries. And Kali
Gillespie came in yesterday so I was hoping to see her. But I never
did. I found out that we can host missionaries of the opposite gender
up until where they need to go to their dorms. At which point we
switch hosts to suit the missionary. But the very first missionary I
hosted is an elder coming to Salem, Oregon! I told him about you guys
and we both started freaking out! It was awesome :D

Also, I got an iPad so I don't need to buy a new camera. This means I
can start sending you pictures and also receive your reply to emails much
more quickly today and the rest of forever. Also, that Google sign in
was me on my iPad. I can read emails all week, so {if you want} you can send them
throughout. But I can't reply. There is a monitoring service active on
my iPad that sends ALL info to my branch president. I've already
downloaded a few apps that I was told to take off. :D Nothing bad,
don't worry. It was a dictionary, a tie app, a flash card app, and an
LDS art app (go figure on that last one).

I'm going to send a few emails of just pictures so you'll get quite a
few today :D

Ai shite imasu!
Pikoku (David) Chōrō

Sent from my iPad

Poem David wrote in MTC: The Prison Room :)

This one and the one before it contain my first talk written in
Romanji Japanese (Japanese words spelled out with English characters)

This one and the one before it contain my first talk written in
Romanji Japanese (Japanese words spelled out with English characters)

This photo was taken at the Provo Temple by Eric Koford, originally from Salem, Oregon, who ran into David and his companion, who is one of Eric's former lacrosse players.

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