Wednesday, April 27, 2016

2016.4.10 President Welch Interviews+General Conference!!!

A lot of fun stuff happened this week!

After all of our Preparation Day stuff we visited the woman who runs an English class out of her home. She was sweet. She loves the missionaries and the sacrifice they make to be away from family and their homelands. She and I talked a lot about the feelings she is struggling with concerning her current religion. Basically she really likes the belief, but she really doesn't like the authorities of her church. She wants her family to be happy, but she can't tell them the church is good when the family also sees the authorities and how they aren't doing good things. She really respects our church for their good work and management. She has visited many times so she has been learning that way. So we talked a lot about that. And it was a way good discussion too, she definitely has potential, along with all of her family. She was the only person we met with on Monday.

After study on Tuesday we went to pick up Yamamoto Chōrō's watch. The repair man is a new investigator and has met with the missionaries before. He really likes us which is good. He had a friend there who had also met with the missionaries. This was news to us and the repair man XD They were very busy so we weren't able to teach a lesson, but we invited them both to church. Then we went to the church building so Yamamoto Chōrō could do tech training because he is a tech elder. Good stuff there, but we still don't have Facebook :( One day. After tech training we did some yard work service for a grandmother in the ward. It was way fun, she has such a beautiful yard. And it was good to finally do some yard work service! Then we visited a progression investigator to teach about prophets. We wanted to commit him to come watch General Conference with us. Hopefully he will come. After that we ended our day.

We headed out Wednesday morning for Interviews. We got to the Akashi church building around 10:30 and my appointment was at 11:30. We got a lot of time to talk with Welch Shimai and other missionaries. For lunch we went to a ramen shop that does a tomato and cheese ramen. Basically, it's like Italyand Japan had a baby in the form of ramen...if that even makes sense. It was way good though! Right after that we had a kōkan with the district leaders. It was good, nothing spectacular. We weren't able to use the bikes so we walked. But no one was really out on the streets. We tried to contact but no one stopped. Sometimes that happens and you just keep plugin' along. We all met up for dinner at a pizza buffet which was good. It really made me miss your pizza Dad. Like, REALLY miss your pizza. That is something I really look forward to XD After dinner we headed home and ended our day.

Thursday greeted us with stormy weather. It was bad enough that the busses weren't operating. Therefore we couldn't get home to Sumoto, because there are no train lines that run through the Kobe Bridge. So we ended up staying an extra day in Kagogawa with the District Leader. After having study and lunch we did our Weekly Planning Session. It lasted for most of the day. Yeah, that's all we did on Thursday.

On Friday we traveled with he District Leader to Zone Training Meeting. We held it at the mission home which was kinda cool. We didn't see the President though, he is still out doing interviews. We talked a lot about how to properly record teaching and profiles in the Area Book App. Apparently there have been a lot of legal issues that have made inputting info into the Area Book App difficult. So, we talked a lot about that. After Zone Training Meeting we ate with a dying missionary. He was my Zone Leader while I was in Matsue so I knew him only for a little bit. But we have had good times together and it was sad to say goodbye to him. After parting we headed home. We got back around 5:30 and unpacked. After that, well, I don't really remember what we did XD

Saturday was just General Conference. After doing some cleaning at the church building we waited for about an hour for a couple of members to come, but they ended up not being able to come. So we started around 12:30. It was a way good day! My favorites were:

I Am a Child of God by Elder Donald L. Hailstrom
To the Rescue: We Can Do it by Elder Mervyn B. Arnold
Always Retain a Remission of Your Sins by Elder David A. Bednar
Family Councils by Elder M. Russell Ballard

And from Priesthood session my favorite was probably:
A Sacred Trust by President Thomas S. Monson

There were many others I liked, but these were my tops for Saturday.

Before we went to church on Sunday we stopped at an investigator's home to try and bring him to church, but he wasn't coming. So, after we realized he wasn't going to come we told him he can watch it on his computer on There were about five other members that watched with us at the church building. After  conference we headed out to visit a few potential investigators, but none of hem were home. Then we went to the hospital to see an elderly member. She is doing well which was good to see. After her we set out to visit an investigating family but they weren't home either. Then we tried to visit a few investigators close to home but none of them were home either...yeah, it gets old after a while XD After that we hent home and ended our day.

Today we cleaned, studied, ate, and are now emailing. After this we are planning on shopping and heading home for some down time. It's been cloudy, cold, and windy today. A bit of a change from the warm days we've had this past week. This next week looks like a mix of warmer and cooler days. I hope that soon I can start wearing short-sleeved shirts without being to cold. I'm excited for the coming summer! I can't believe that I am going to hit my six-month mark as a missionary this Thursday! It's gone by so fast. Transfers are next week, it felt like just last week I started in Sekime. Since being on my mission I have begun looking at time not as a strict, linear, cause and effect kind of way. But more like a big, wibboly-wobbly, timely-wimey ball of...stuff ;)

I want to testify that those who spoke at General Conference are called men of God. If we follow them we will not go astray from God. We will be able to know the will of God for His children here on earth. I'm grateful for the words they spoke. There were many that were just for me. And I know I am not the only one who feels this way.

いつもあいしています (always with love),
Elder Peacock

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