Monday, March 14, 2016

Well, you know how I said I was staying in Matsue this transfer...

That's right, new area! HELLO SEKIME, GOODBYE MATSUE! *shed one tear*

So, after emailing on Monday we ended up shopping just a little bit before we headed out at 6:00. We tried to visit a less-active member but she said her health wasn’t good enough to talk to us. After her we visited an Investigator. She was home and glad to see us. She told us that her birthday is this week so we will plan to visit her on her birthday and give her a birthday card. She was very happy to hear that. We are going to try to have a few members sign the card. We weren't able to stay very long, so after her we headed home and ended our day.

We biked to the lake Tuesday morning. We ran a little bit with me taking it easy because of my knee. It is way nice running by the lake, it's just too bad I won't see that lake again for a while after Wednesday morning. We were pretty busy on Tuesday because there was a lot of people we wanted to visit. However, many of them were not home. It was amazing, actually, how many people were not home. Around 4:30 we visited a member very close to the church building. We had been there for about 10 minutes when we got a call. Vui Chōrō picked it up then handed it to me. I was greeted by an elder on the other end as he said, "Hello, is this Elder Peacock?" "Indeed it is." "Elder Peacock, this is-*insert elder's name here because I forgot his name XD*-, welcome to the Osaka Zone!" " *the sound Japanese people make when they are confused*" "You are assigned to the Sekime area with Raker Chōrō who is a 12th transfer missionary." To say the least I was very confused and surprised, as was Vui Chōrō. Especially because Welch Kaicho told us we were both staying together in Matsue. But, apparently changes were made, because now I am in Sekime.

So, yeah, after that we had Eikaiwa, which was good because a new person came! But right after Eikaiwa I had to start packing. I was packing all the way through dinner. After that we ended our day.

Wednesday was me packing, us getting my luggage off to Sekime, us meeting up with Winegar Chōrō because his companion got transferred as well. So, the way it worked was that Winegar Chōrō (from Izumo) would be with Vui Chōrō from the time I left to the time that both of their new companions would come into Matsue. Then Winegar Chōrō would go back to Izumo with his new companion. Yeah. After meeting Winegar Chōrō we met with a few investigators before we had to end our day. And because it was my last day in Matsue, my companions wanted to celebrate so we got fried chicken, pizza, fries, and a giant parfait. Yep, it was a lot, but it was so good XD

Woke up Thursday morning at 5:45, should've woken up at 5:30 because I nearly missed my 6:59 train XD There were two members that met me at the station and because of that they will never be forgotten. And one of them brought one of her dogs which was adorable! Apparently that dog doesn't like people, but she was really liking me so she brought her. Anyway, it was about a two and a half hour train ride to Okayama where I met up with another elder and rode the rest of the way into Osaka. We got to Osaka around 1:30 where we met up with our companions. We had to take the other elder to a church building because his companion was doing something. But after that we headed to our apartment.

This is the same apartment we stayed in when we came to Osaka for Tsuchia Chōrō's visa stuff. And we came twice so I knew the apartment and how to get there. So yeah, that's kind of interesting. After I put my stuff in a room and got my bike together we headed to the church building to do weekly planning. That took the rest of our day so when we got home we ended our day.

Friday was my first full day in Sekime. I was able to send off my luggage the day before I left for Sekime so they were able to be dropped off Friday morning which was nice. Raker Chōrō gave me some time to unpack before we left so that was great. We had a lot of stuff planned for the day so we set out. We met with a recent convert and we just wanted to meet with him to make sure he is coming to church. Then we met with a Philippine family in this GINORMOUS apartment building! Pictures will help you see, but the pictures don't do it justice. After that we visited a very interesting ward missionary. He is 76 years old, super-duper short, but has a very commanding presence. To all of the missionaries he is known as "The Man" XD. He opened up his door and immediately told us he wants to go visit a less-active. So we all get on our bikes and travel through a maze of alleys to try and find this address that ends up being wrong. We were able to find the right address though unfortunately no one was home so yeah. The Man just did what he wanted concerning traffic laws. He crossed the streets so many times when he shouldn't have XD It was so great! After teaching him a lesson we visited a few other people, a few of them weren't home though. We had dinner around 5:00 then tried to visit a few other people. A couple of them weren't home, but he last one was. She came out to talk and she was awesome! We just talked about the gospel in general and she was super involved in the conversation. It was great. Definitely a good feeling about her. After meeting with her we went home to end our day.

Saturday was a good day. We woke up to white, puffy clouds and a bright blue sky! We started our time in the city park across the street which is HUGE! We were able to talk to a few people but not too many because everyone was there for the circus. Yep, that's right, a circus. It was pretty big. After the park we met with a young couple that has one child. They are both returned missionaries and they both have their missionary tags on their geinkan table. So cool! We talked with them about the area plan and how we can use the five points of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to accomplish the plan. It was way good and they had wonderful input. And their kid was so cute of course XD We then made a long trip to Umeda, which is the big city part of our area. This is he same area with the US Consulate where Tsuchia Chōrō did his visa stuff. We met a referral and she said we could meet again! We then talked with some people at a skate park. Raker Chōrō is a very good skateboarder so he did some awesome stuff and all the Nihonjin were like "WHAT?!" kind of thing XD Then we had dinner at good old McDonalds. Then we did some other awesome stuff...unfortunately I can't remember what we did. And I don't remember doing anything the area book says we did. Oh well *shrug*.

Sunday was amazing! It was ward conference so there were many stake officials there. Someone told me there were about 140 people there. We didn't have enough chairs. And Raker Chōrō had to translate for eight people without translation equipment. And something else happened, something very interesting. A woman walked off the street into the middle of sacrament meeting. Raker Chōrō taught her a lesson with five other members while I was translating. Apparently she is a volunteer priest for another religion. She said that she had walked by the building before but that she felt very strongly that she needed to come inside today. During the lesson she said that what she had heard and felt is true. She wants to read the Book of Mormon and continue coming to church. It was way cool! I had to try and translate during the second hour for a member who works at Universal Studios Japan. She has been here for two years and is about to go home. Usually the elders translate for her. I did a pretty bad job but I got a little bit of it XD after the blocks we had a big birthday party where everyone in the ward who has a birthday in April is celebrated. They had cake, hot dogs, and tons of snacks. After church I tried to get to know a few of he members. I didn't introduce myself on the stand because of ward conference but I'm sure I will next week. After church we went to a member’s house for dinner. He is Nigerian and used to be Muslim but converted a few years ago. He has friends, investigators, and the missionaries over to his house ever Sunday night for his massive dinner he makes. He also has [soft] drinks like nobody's business. I nearly exploded but it was soooooo good! On the way home we synced our iPads and then got to the apartment. My stomach was about to go into cardiac arrest, I swear XD

This morning we woke up at 4:45 to attend the early morning seminary at the church. The teacher is a ward missionary who wants us to try and help the youth with missionary work. I think we will try and go twice a week. After seminary we have just been at the building for study and emailing. After this we will go back to our apartment for cleaning and lunch. We will go out for groceries, check out our bikes at the shop, dry cleaning, and other stuff later on today. It's been raining since last night but it's not terribly cold. Later on this week should become sunnier and warmer. I am really looking forward to that.

Lots of changes this week. I'm enjoying the Sekime area a lot. But it's a challenge to meet new people and adjust to a new area. I am excited. I know that the Lord is hastening His work all round the world, and I have seen strong evidence of this recently. I am but a small part of His plan, but I will do my best to be the person Jesus Christ needs. I will rely on the Atonement of Christ to become this person. Thank you for all of your love and strength. Fight the good fight and never give up!

Pikoku Chōrō

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Pizza Hut, KFC, and McDonald's for David's "last supper" in Matsue!
Time lapse video of last night in Matsue, eating the giant parfait!
First morning in Sekime.

Osaka--Big City!
At least 12 flights up!

Popular drink-flavored marshmallows.


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